Bigg Boss 9: Lover boy Prince plays king and Mandana screams some more

First Yuvika and now Nora, Prince is lucky in getting dates, atleast in the Bigg Boss house for sure.

 |  2-minute read |   19-12-2015
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When you're the captain of the house, your stay is certainly going to be magnificent. But in the case of Prince, the newest captain of the house, Bigg Boss seems to have taken his name rather literally. Yes, Prince was in for a truly Royal treatment, whether it was fair or unfair to the other contestants.

After a task that involved all the female participants trying their best to convince Prince to take them on a date, when our lover boy requested for some alone time with his current interest Nora (hardly surprising though), after she did an impromptu "Yeh Mera Dil" reprise for him, Mr Bigg was gracious enough to make that happen in very grand style. It was a date like no other- romantic setting by the pool, soft dancing, delectable food and champagne to soak in the mood. First Yuvika and now Nora, Prince is lucky in getting dates, atleast in the Bigg Boss house for sure.

Not just a date, Prince was showered with a special right too. He could choose any three contestants who would face the moment of truth to get back the contestants' personal belongings. And who did he choose? Priya, Rishabh and Kishwer. All three went into the booths that would predict the future of all the contestants. Since Kishwer and Priya both pressed the button, Rishabh alone got his stuff back.

As for the other contestants, the day began with Priya and Rishabh fighting over his protein powder. Yes, seriously! Just as we thought the fight would eventually fizzle out, Gizele took sides with Rishabh pointing out how Priya too would be miserable without her make-up kit. And naturally, this left Priya fuming. So much for protein powder and make up!

Speaking of fuming, Mandana too was up to her usual elements yet again. Picking a fight and creating a ruckus is her favourite pastime and this time it was her own "friend" Gizele who was at the receiving end. As Mandana and Gizele were working in the kitchen, the latter decided to ask Priya for some help. No one knows what struck Mandana then, but she decided to throw a fit. Not just did she outrightly ignore Priya, she put the entire blame for the friction on Gizele, leaving her dumbstruck. Priya obviously didn't take it lying down and cried foul. What then started was a whole lot of screaming and shouting that soon involved everyone in the house. Mandana, you really know how to shake things up in the house, don't you?

With yet another weekend bringing in Salman and yet another eviction, the air is filled with tension. Who's the next one to get chucked out? Everyone will find out soon!


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