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Remembering Jagjit Singh's silky voice on his 75th birth anniversary

Rashmi Agarwal
Rashmi AgarwalFeb 08, 2016 | 20:05

Remembering Jagjit Singh's silky voice on his 75th birth anniversary

Chithi na koi sandesh, jaane woh kaun sa desh jahan tum chale gaye... No letter, no message, where is it that you have gone?

On his 75th birth anniversary, this is perhaps what every Jagjit Singh admirer is asking today. It is difficult to put into words about the invaluable contribution by Jagjit Singh to the ghazal world simply because it is too vast. I, for one, have been deeply touched by his soulful singing and can remember its impact when I was a young girl who became friendly with ghazals through his singing.


Jagjit Singh’s compositions were simple; his lyrics were never too complicated lest his audience couldn’t decipher the meaning. Those who weren’t acquainted with shayari or Urdu literature could easily understand the ghazals. Even now, his songs remain gospels of ghazals for youngsters.

But the biggest allure for Jagjit Singh's audience was his voice that was silky, fluid and even without drama, it would touch everyone’s hearts.

With Mirza Ghalib, Jagjit Singh became a household name. With ghazals like Hazaron Khwaheshein Aisi and Dil Hi Toh Hai in the serial, he brought ghazals to the mainstream. His cassettes, Long Plays and EPs saw breakthrough sales and his compositions are even now on everyone’s lips.

As a singer, it is an immense honour to sing his ghazals on stage. He may have left us to sing an eternal song, but he leaves behind a legacy that continues to inspire like a fire whose flames refuse to die.

Here are some of his timeless ghazals:

1. Baat Niklegi Toh Bahaut Door Talak Jayegi

2. Ye Shauhrat Hhi Le Lo, Ye Daulat Bhi Le Lo

3. Dhoop Mein Niklo

4. Woh Kagaz Ki


5. Hazaaron Khwaishein 

6. Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar

7. Shaam Se Aankh Mein Nami Si Hai

8. Hosh Walon Ko Khabar

9. Duniya Jisse Kehte Hain Jadoo Ka Khilona Hai


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