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Sleeping with three women is sick: Why I'm not watching Kapil Sharma's film

Shikha Kumar
Shikha KumarSep 24, 2015 | 17:30

Sleeping with three women is sick: Why I'm not watching Kapil Sharma's film

"I had many affairs in my hey days." I've actually heard a very respectable man saying this with pride. For him, this was perhaps confirmation of being a "hot property", and getting laid being a cakewalk. Maybe he thought the more affairs you have, the cooler you sound, and flaunting his liaisons would sound prestigious since two failed marriages didn't. Wish he understood he needed one right woman in his life, and that he needed to be the right man to that woman. But alas! Being a woman's man is way beyond a womaniser.

"The king was very rich, so he had many wives and mistresses. Therefore he built a window for each," our guide to the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur said in admiration for the king who had built that monument for several women in his life. The guide's eyes glittered with awe, perhaps hoping for a genie to grant him a wish that could let him trade his life with that of the king, maybe just for a day. Daydreaming of sex with many is the most entertaining thought for a few men. And some of it is inspired by our history and also our films.

In the name of comedy, we entertain ourselves with the idea of "gharwali baharwali" where a good man loves at least two women and is always oscillating between them, trying to satisfy both. Movies like No Entry, Biwi No. 1 and so on are centred on how desperate our leading men were to get lucky with a chic outside wedlock, and how his temptation to entwine legs with a dame produced a saleable movie script that entertained the masses sans classes. Why? Simply because to Indians such tomfoolery is super funny.

And the list goes on and the newest addition to it is the recent release, Kis Kisko Pyar Karoon, where Kapil Sharma is a modern reincarnation of the Hawa Mahal king who blows one kiss and three women at different floors of the same building get aroused. How filthy can that get? Is sleeping with three women a comedy? Is this all we deserve in the name of entertainment? From underwear to cleavage, the film targets all private areas with alacrity. And it tries to encash a hero's tragedy of how "thoda thoda kar ke bahut zyada ho jata hai".

What's so wrong with drafting a fantasy for our cinema? Can't a man have any other wish than beautiful women to lay his hands on? Is being a lecher and philanderer the only desire? Are we still not done with objectification of women in cinema that we need more films that attempt to tickle the funny bone with the help of the concept of polygamy? Can't we have one man, one woman, and a good script to make people laugh? Can't there be jokes without hinting at vulgarity?

Well, I guess it's all about demand and supply again. As the audience, the responsibility rests with us to discard disgraceful cinema. Our hard-earned money must hence be spent only on movies or books that are worth it.

Sorry, using the concept of polygamy to tickle my funny bone doesn't work. And it's a crumby and over-repeated subject. I'm giving this disgraceful film an absolutely unapologetic miss and its two-minute trailer was too filthy to withstand. Having said that, I truly admire Kapil Sharma for his journey to stardom and the way he established himself without any godfather. My opinion here is on his film's content and there is nothing personal.

I would rather watch Piku again. By the way, an old man, a young daughter and shit can also make good comedy. Think about it Kapil Sharma. What shit truly is!

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