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Prince, Bowie and friends: The superband in the stars

Gaurav Sethi
Gaurav SethiApr 22, 2016 | 14:59

Prince, Bowie and friends: The superband in the stars

What a year, whatever gigs that will be happening are going to be up there. So here you go, Prince, Bowie & Friends putting on a show, starting with Prince's transit from "planet earth is blue and there's nothing much I can do" to The Great gig in the sky.

  • Sexy Mofo is gone Sexy Mofo is gone
  • Prince picked her raspberry beret
  • And perched upon a giant extinct bird
  • Conjured by his musical powers
  • Folded the guitar into his breast pocket
  • And said sh-sh-shhh in Bowie's voice
  • And someone said, dead ringer
  • You don't play games with death, sir
  • Give him the electric chair for all his future crimes
  • Sexy Mofo is gone Sexy Mofo is gone
  • Prince walked the aisle with his poodle
  • His walk became a strut and the poodle a giant extinct mutt
  • Conjured by his musical powers
  • Folded his girls into his breast pocket
  • And said Diamonds and pearls
  • And someone said, such deep pockets you have, sir
  • And Prince said, it's just you using my imagination te-hehe
  • Gotta go, still I keep Vicki waiting
  • Sexy Mofo is gone Sexy Mofo is gone
  • On an empty stomach he left
  • No wonder he was so size zero skinny
  • And he had his shave and the girls did his hair
  • And he handed them a smile with animated rosy pink hearts
  • And their hearts were fluttering like some extinct Greek goddess' hearts
  • God of love and goddess too
  • Slipped into something slinky
  • There's a little dude on his way
  • And he rips a guitar like lightning bolts
  • Can you hear him Major Tom, can you hear him, Major Tom
  • Sexy Mofo is gone Sexy Mofo is gone
  • And he's encrypted some musical code into my head
  • My face is starting to resemble a shade of rouge and red
  • I don't wanna rhyme but it's all unfurling in my head
  • Would you rather be here or up there dead
  • With Prince n Bowie playing the great gig in the sky with that crazy diamond
  • Sexy Mofo is gone Sexy Mofo is gone
  • Walking on clouds in shoes lined with  velvet
  • And the underground is in attendance too
  • Lou Reed talks in a song like only he can
  • Good night, ladies, good night
  • And Robin Williams runs like a mad hatter, and mimics an extinct accent, do you know Lewis Carroll created a character after me, authors these days never ask for Per-mission
  • And Bowie trotted the saxophone
  • And someone whispered sing Wild as the wind
  • And Nina Simone appeared outta nowhere
  • Pin on vinyl: Cream, get on top
  • And Jack Bruce riddled his bass
  • You should have seen the musical orgy
  • Everyone cool and dead is here
  • Jerry Garcia whispered Blues for Allah
  • Can you hear him, Major Tom, can you hear him, Major Tom
  • Graceland's residents old and new, floating on a tin can
  • Paisley Park is in your heart
  • Strawberry fields like you never seen
  • John Lennon loathes a late mention but laughs it off with a cockney Jealous Guy
  • Because we're all so insecure when we're alive
  • Sexy Mofo is gone Sexy Mofo is gone
  • Hello Prince, with a name like that, I really expected a turban, laughs an Indian musical God
  • And Harrison joins Ravi Shankar on sitars
  • As they're sipping their weak herbal teas
  • Janis, Jim and Jimi too, pop in at the mention of the H word
  • Hendrix and Prince start to jam
  • Prince says to Jimi: I was only 12 in '70
  • Jimi says to Prince: I was only 27 in '70
  • Janis and Jim echo his words
  • BB King says, Up here he's 30 years your senior, kids!
  • Check in time, Prince to be shown his room, that will be Cloud Nine
  • But that's mine says George H
  • Sexy Mofo has come Sexy Mofo has come
  • Bonham beats the drums, Lord bleats the keys
  • "Come as you are" the check-in song starts to play
  • Duane Allman swings by on his bike
  • That's really a giant extinct slide guitar
  • And it's all coming together, right now, over me
  • Can you hear me Major Tom, can you hear me, Major Tom?
  • Sexy Mofo has gone Sexy Mofo has gone
  • Oh right, I gotta finish my memoir, gonna call it The Beautiful Ones, says Prince
  • "U make me so confused
  • The beautiful ones
  • U always seem to lose"

Lyrics credits to Prince, Bowie and friends.

Days like this make me feel thankful to have heard Prince, Bowie and friends, and let them toss my world upside down in such a hunky-dory way. Just plan that next gig while we're all on planet earth together. They are showmen, we are watchmen, and nothing can come close to seeing them in the flesh. Which is also a Floyd song. Cue: Look out for Roger Waters' dates of The Wall tour, he may not be touring for long.

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