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Ranveer Singh makes it to the cover of 'Tinkle' magazine. Why this is a moment

DailyBiteJan 09, 2019 | 15:50

Ranveer Singh makes it to the cover of 'Tinkle' magazine. Why this is a moment

Bollywood celebrities making it to the cover of coveted magazines, and sharing the information on social media, is a process we’ve all grown accustomed to. While the Forbes and the Vogues and the GQs generally rule the Cov-Cov (coveted covers) list, every now and then, you’d find a celebrity proudly present you with the cover of Architectural Digest — taking you on a tour through their homes.


What we didn’t realise, however, is that Tinkle magazine was surreptitiously catching up on this race.

Yesterday, India’s bonafide superstar, Ranveer Singh, shared the cover of the January 2019 issue of Tinkle magazine, which has him on it.

Of course, it is an animated version of the Simmba actor — although the actor is pretty animated in real life too.

He isn’t alone on the cover either — he is accompanied by Suppandi and Shikari Shambhu — the two icons that ruled your childhood before Hindi cinema came in to ruin it.

“I've to pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming. This is one of the fondest memories from my childhood. I grew up reading @TinkleMagazine. Can’t believe I’m on the cover with SUPPANDI AND SHIKARI SHAMBU!!! I mean... I can’t even...” writes Ranveer, adding the #nodreamtoobig, to sum-up his brimming emotions.

Now, who — after having gorged on these magazines as a kid — aspires to be on its cover? At some point in life, I’d assume, you’d realise that being a fictional cartoon character is a prerequisite. But Ranveer dreams — and he dreams big, and he dreams in comic book style. Clearly.


That the uniqueness of a first-ever Bollywood actor making it to the cover of Tinkle coincides perfectly with Ranveer’s currently running Simmba, and his upcoming Gully Boy is something we’re willing to overlook. Of course, it is a promotional thing. Bollywood always outdoes itself by going a step ahead in its marketing strategies, and this time, Tinkle was on that list.

106243_010919032950.jpgRanveer dreams in comic-book sans! (Source: Karan Johar/Twitter)

But the question we’re all asking as we stare at the new cover is — What the hell?

As much as we love Ranveer, what business did he have entering our mind palaces and into that sacred space we’d escape into whenever exam stress had the better of us? Or when nosy relatives came over during winter breaks? Basically, Ranveer just took our spot! 

“Perhaps Tinkle is stepping into Mad territory,” said someone in the newsroom as we debated whether the cover is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ — but collectively agreed that our childhood stands ruined.

As maddening as that thought itself is — Tinkle getting a makeover to become Mad — one cannot deny that it was perhaps the only way of keeping this almost ‘dying’ children’s magazine afloat.


It is sad that Tinkle had to fall into this trap, that nothing is beyond consumerism anymore — not even children and simplicity and innocence — and we could go on, but then, if it had to be done, there was no one better than Ranveer Singh.

As a fan put it on Twitter: “You deserve every magazine's cover”

Last updated: January 09, 2019 | 15:50
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