The 'Simmba' trailer simply roars!

Rohit Shetty is back with his trademark dhaakad style – and a few twists in the tale!

 |  4-minute read |   03-12-2018
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All you fans of Rohit Shetty out there – pop the champagne and pour yourself a celebratory drink because the trailer of the super-hit filmmaker’s new offering Simmba is out – and it’s wow!

Here’s a quick look at the top five most thrilling features in the Simmba trailer:

1) Background Score – Rohit Shetty is one of India’s smartest movie-makers, who never underestimates the value of a pulsating background score – and in Simmba, he hits the high notes again. With its high-pitched trumpets, clarinets and pipes, throbbing drums and foot-stomping, punchy rhythm, Simmba grips you – by the ears – and has you listening up.

2) Action – This is Rohit Shetty. Need we say more! Simmba has all the usual tricks – flying vehicles (although it misses Rohit’s iconic exploding cars), criminals putting plastic bags over their victims’ choking heads, cops beating said criminals to a satisfying pulp, men catapulting through the air as they get kicked to the skies, furniture meeting a dusty end, smashed onto the bad guys’ backs, glass walls broken by jeeps coming through, et al.

Here, in addition, there is a fabulous Marathi touch which throbs through the trailer, tangy as kokum, with several shots of Ranveer Singh engaged in furious action in a dhobi talao – amidst cascades of water and saris being pummeled, Simmba shows he can literally dho-dho ke maaro!

simmba-copy_120318050418.jpg(Photo: Screengrab/Simmba)

3) Ranveer Singh – Playing Simmba, a little boy who grew up in the fierce shadow of the iconic honest cop Singham (Ajay Devgn) in Shivgarh town, Ranveer is upto his usual delights – twinkly-eyed and pouty-mouthed, he makes it clear quickly enough that he is no modern-day Robin Hood but out on the make and unabashed to say it – a true Kalyug ka Inspector, a la Lakhan from Subhash Ghai's 1989 classic.

Until Simmba meets an idealistic (please note, 'sisterly') young woman who reminds him of his teacher. The woman is brutally raped by local strongman Sonu Sood’s boys (no spoilers – the trailer makes it evident enough), and here starts Simmba’s transformation, from cheap-and-cheeky-chappie to cop with deadly intent.

Ranveer shines in his snatches and while his pairing with Sara Ali Khan somehow lacks full masaledaar punch, it would be fair to remember, this is only the trailer – picture toh abhi baaqi hai!

4) Dialogues – Rohit Shetty. Dialogues. Again, made for each other. And how. Don’t forget, this is the director whose movies have featured screen jewels like ‘Aata maajhi satakli’, and the throbbing ‘Don’t underestimate the power of a common man.’ Simmba too has snatches of dialogues that are pure Bollywood bombast. Sample this – ‘Ye Kalyug hai, Kalyug, yahan log sirf ek hi matlab ke liye jeete hain – apne matlab ke liye!’, delivered by Ranveer with a tartness that impacts. You get the picture.

singham1-copy_120318052920.jpg(Photo: Screengrab/Singham)

5) Twists – The trailer promises a kahaani with several twists (and perhaps, there will be a few cars exploding on these swerves – we live in hope). There is, of course, the twist in Simmba’s own character, going from a Lakhan-like luchcha to a determined avenger for justice.

There will be the inevitable twist in the fate of the to-start-with-so-powerful-villain, played by a predictably muscular, bristling Sonu Sood (he does seem a bit been-there, done-that; even his ganjis have started to look borrowed from Dabangg – can something be done about Sonu please?).

But the most delicious twist comes at the trailer’s end – Ajay Devgn roars onto screen in his Singham avatar, back to fix Shivgarh, good and hard.

Whether that means ki Simmba se akele na ho payega, or if Singham is thrown in to simply give baby lion Simmba some Big Daddy support, we shall see. At the moment, just seeing Singham Return is good enough!

Hit the advance booking, folks!

Going by its trailer, Simmba is going to roar!

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