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When Tiger proved he disrespects women and Nargis talked of quitting

Karishma Upadhyay
Karishma UpadhyayApr 28, 2016 | 17:50

When Tiger proved he disrespects women and Nargis talked of quitting

Tiger Shroff finds himself in a bit of hot water. Earlier this week, while promoting his sophomore film Baaghi, the 26-year-old described his ideal partner as someone who "should stay at home, keep the house clean and give me home-cooked food".

"I will get married to a girl from the village. When I reach home, I want a massage so that I can get relaxed. I like girls who are housewife-type," he was quoted as saying.


As expected, there was a backlash against his incredibly sexist answer and Tiger quickly tweeted to backtrack. "I am totally for women empowerment and equality and always talk about how they are as strong or stronger than men," he clarified. Interestingly, Tiger neither categorically said that he was misquoted, nor did he apologise. Though it is utterly possible, this was a very poor attempt at a joke.

It would be interesting to know what Tiger's current girlfriend Disha Patani, who I spotted him with only a fortnight ago, thinks of her dream partner. Disha, a former Miss India contestant, is a working model and hopes to make her Bollywood debut soon. Incidentally, I asked Tiger about his relationship with Disha when I met him recently, only for him to parrot Bollywood's favourite "we-are-just-friends" spiel. Sigh!

Goodbye to acting?

A random conversation with Nargis Fakhri during the promotions of Azhar about her attempts at growing avocados ended with the actress talking about moving back to her native New York. "Once I move back to America, I will grow a real garden. Right now I am just experimenting," she explained.

Nargis Fakhri planning a break from Bollywood. 

The former model has two more releases this year - Housefull 3 and Banjo - after which she plans to take a break. "After Banjo releases in August, I am taking a long break - three months or more. In those months, I'll see if I really miss this job." In her next avatar, Nargis could be anything from a chef to a naturopath. That is, if the Bollywood bug doesn't bring her back.

Do akele, ek sehar mein

Even as they continue to be at the centre of the scandal of the decade, it seems that this former couple have more in common than ever. They are both incredibly lonely. He seems to have driven his immediate family away. Or rather, his life coach has.

The superstar's director father is very disapproving of the life coach's role in his son's life. He blames this new person for driving a wedge into his family. The director's wife, who also seems to be under the spell of the life coach, now prefers to live with her daughter. They all live in the same suburb but it's been a while since the family has met.


She, on the other hand, lives alone in a swanky 4-BHK apartment. Apart from her sister, she increasingly doesn't like people around her. If ex-members of her entourage are to be believed, she doesn't like anyone coughing or yawning around her. Her staff don't know what will tick her off and when. So they spend as little time with her as possible.

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