Nandita Bose

Nandita Bose

Writer, poet and reviewer


Nandita Bose is a writer, poet and occasional reviewer who calls Bangalore home. She believes elections are essential for a healthy democracy as are critiques.

By Nandita Bose

Book Review: Return of the Brahmin, a Magadhan James Bond

Flawless in description, precise with facts and immense by reimagination, the core story follows the exploits of the Brahmin, formerly Ashoka’s spymaster and the second most important political figure in the Ashokan empire.

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Comics are not children's books. Why outrage over Comic Con handing out 'Saga' to children?

Comic Cons are not Disneyland. Parents should have been more judicious before taking their kids to the Bengaluru event.

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Why India loves porn, but secretly hates actor Sunny Leone

The brouhaha over casting Leone as an epic queen shows how confused we are about internet versus reality, sex versus worship

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#MeToo: Why time's up for the slimy office Lothario

We are no longer hiding our filth under the carpet.

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Modi helped the lotus bloom in Karnataka — but will it change things?

This demise of the Congress in the state began the day Siddaramaiah was elected CM in 2013.

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Who cares about Karnataka's real issues? No one!

The assembly polls are sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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