Swami Agnivesh

Swami Agnivesh

Social activist

Author is an Arya Samaj scholar and a social activist.

By Swami Agnivesh

Why Surgical Strikes 2.0 is a time for wisdom, not shallow excitement

Now, more than ever, leaders of nations need to be given a humbling sense of history.

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Pulwama and After: Should India go to war with Pakistan?

Army operations can’t be allowed to degenerate into political theatre. But equally, we can’t watch hand-tied as atrocities are perpetrated on us. What then is the solution?

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Because Narendra Modi's idea of corruption is very different from yours and mine

For Modi, corruption is not monetary deals. It's a notion of the DNA of this nation, and whether that's been 'corrupted' by liberal ideas. Hence, Modi remains unfazed even by the Rafale row.

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