Ashneer Grover denies selling IPL tickets in black, plus a fresh attack on BharatPe CEO

Amrutha Pagad
Amrutha PagadMar 17, 2022 | 15:18

Ashneer Grover denies selling IPL tickets in black, plus a fresh attack on BharatPe CEO

Just how much do you badmouth your boss or your former boss? Probably not as much as the BharatPe staff. It seems BharatPe is taking the trophy when it comes to bombarding the grapevine with juicy rumours about its ousted boss, Ashneer Grover.

Ashneer Grover at a cricket tournament. Photo: @ashneer.grover/Instagram

Allegations after allegations against Grover misusing company funds or indulging in illegal activities are surfacing through reports quoting sources from BharatPe.


In the latest, the rumour is about Ashneer Grover selling BharatPe’s 2021 IPL tickets in black for crores of rupees. Reports claimed that the former MD of BharatPe sold each of the IPL tickets for nearly Rs 15,000 each.

BharatPe was one of the global partners of IPL 2021 and usually, it is said that global partners receive 700 free passes for one match. So, going by the allegation, BharatPe sources claimed Grover made upwards of Rs 1,05,00,000, which was deposited in a Dubai-based account.

Of course, the moment the allegations are out, Grover is swift to respond with his own comeback against the board of BharatPe and especially its CEO Suhail Sameer. It is almost as if Grover keeps searching for BharatPe+Ashneer Grover on Google to find new allegations.

In a tweet, Grover trolled the BharatPe board for the allegation and claimed that during the IPL tournament, he was actually ensuring that CEO Suhail Sameer and another key executive of the company, Sumeet Singh, don’t empty out the alcohol from the hospitality department at the tournament.

He also suggested that the Board members set aside their doglapan and watch a show called Sasta Shaark Tank, a Shark Tank India spoof.


Earlier, there were allegations that Ashneer Grover funded his lavish lifestyle by stealing company funds. One rumour goes as far to claim that Grover bought a Rs 10 crore dining table.

For the unversed, Ashneer Grover tendered his resignation as the MD after months of differences with the Board. BharatPe had already terminated his wife Madhuri Jain Grover’s services from the company based on an audit report. The audit report allegedly found that Grover, his wife and his extended family embezzled funds from the company.

BharatPe seems to have become synonymous with office drama; perhaps it is great content for Ekta Kapoor’s (next) soap. Nonetheless, the mudslinging between the Board’s ‘sources’ and Ashneer Grover puts rival politicians to shame.

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Last updated: March 22, 2022 | 10:24
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