Why do banks hire dimwits for customer care executives?

Suchitra Krishnamoorthi
Suchitra KrishnamoorthiDec 11, 2015 | 14:29

Why do banks hire dimwits for customer care executives?

Yesterday, I tried to book a ticket from Lisbon to Hamburg and was unfortunate enough to be swindled by a fraud website - edreams.in - which charged me a random sum (different from the actual cost of ticket) and then didn't issue me a ticket or confirmation for the booking.

So as soon as I got the notification that my account has been debited with the said amount, I called up the bank wealth care helpline to cancel the transaction.


I had been tricked by this website obviously.

Now the helpline number I called is given ONLY to special high-end clients I had been told in the past. Since it was rather late I thought it better than to disturb my relationship manager and report it directly on this special wealth care service helpline.

A rather dim-witted grievance officer called Dhanraj picked up the call. Before I could even explain myself fully, Dhanraj - the dimwit - started to insist that the bank couldn't do anything to cancel the transaction, and that I needed to call "irctc". He persisted with his advice till I finally asked him what the hell that was. Who or what is irctc?

"It's the Indian railways website madam - you can cancel your ticket directly there. But this is an air ticket from Lisbon to Hamburg. Booked on Ryan air on a fraud site called edreams.in- why should I call the India railways website? All you need to do is report the fraud and the transaction will be subsequently cancelled.

I couldn't believe what the moron was telling me - call up Indian Railways for a Ryan air booking.


"I don't know madam. But for all ticketing problems and all you need to call irctc directly." The bank can't do anything - call the Indian Railways he repeated.

I hung up. No use talking to such dimwits. It was plain comedy.

Do banks even know who they are hiring and what they are paying employees for? Please pull up your socks, or else endless edreams.in troubles will come your way. Watch out.

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