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Story Posted on 08-06-2015


 |  6-minute read
DespiteBeingAWoman, India-Bangladesh, Narendra Modi

#DespiteBeingAWoman: Why Modi was not being sexist

He never really seems to care what the English speaking 'enlightened class' thinks of his speeches.


 |  Below The Belt  |  5-minute read
Two-finger test, Satyendra Jain, Rape, AAP

Why is virginity a reason to humiliate a woman after rape?

AAP may have withdrawn its circular that allowed the 'two-finger test', but it reveals a blatant sexism.


 |  An American in Mumbai  |  5-minute read
Huckleberry Finn, Occupy Wall Street, Greenpeace

Why I regret leaving Greenpeace and why I am angry again

I failed to recognise that it was a potential learning experience from which I could even have become a better human being.

India-Bangladesh Relations, Narendra Modi, DespiteBeingAWoman

#DespiteBeingAWoman: How Modi's praise turned out sexist

A look at the backlash the PM faced for his speech in Dhaka while addressing students.


 |  Rough Cut  |  3-minute read
Mothers, Nestle India, Maggi ban

Maggi row: In defence of lazy mothers

Thank you, Usha Thakur. As if women were not already snowed under the burden of assorted labels society has chosen for us.


 |  4-minute read
Bihar Assembly Elections, Narendra Modi, Lalu Prasad, JD(U)

Bihar polls: How Janata Parivar leaves Nitish Kumar the biggest loser

The people of the state have not yet forgotten the RJD's misrule during the tenures of Lalu and his wife Rabri Devi.


 |  2-minute read
International Yoga Day, Pranayama, Yoga

Yoga is for spiritualism. Please leave religion out of it

It is practised for gaining mental and physical fitness, and yogic chants need not always be Vedic mantras.


 |  Angiography  |  4-minute read
Two-finger test, Rape, Delhi Government, AAP

AAP deserves the two-finger test

Delhi government's short-lived misguided move to bring back the repugnant 'rape examination' is a travesty of justice.


 |  7-minute read
National Awards, M Manikandan, Kaaka Muttai

Why Kaaka Muttai is pizza for the soul

The Tamil film about two brothers will make you unspool images and memories that were buried somewhere deep.

Bollywood, Big B, Amitabh Bachchan

[Watch] When a journalist tried to get the better of Amitabh Bachchan

The Big B's response is hard-hitting, yet hilarious.