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Story Posted on 29-05-2017


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How to Live with Loss, Sheryl Sandberg

How to live with loss: Learning from Sheryl Sandberg

Remember survivor guilt can happen even if there is no death.


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Promenade, Cannes 2017

How Cannes lights up for the film festival

Catch a glimpse of where the stars are put up to where they walk the red carpet.


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Mori Museum, Tokyo

An Indian artist is drawing crowds at Tokyo's famous art museum

NS Harsha is the first Indian to show his work at the prestigious Mori art museum.


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Unemployment, IT sector, IT Layoffs

This is the biggest reason behind IT layoffs

There is a lot of focus on automation as global corporations bet on the use of machines to further reduce costs.


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Gilles Jacob, Film Festivals, Cannes 2017

Gilles Jacob explains what makes a movie tick at Cannes Film Festival

Former festival president on what kind of films matter the most.


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Health, Suicide, 13 Reasons Why

Why are so many Indian teens killing themselves? Start with 13 Reasons Why

People seldom drift away gently. Suicide is horrifying and ugly.


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Donald Trump, Gay marriages, White House

White House 'omitted' spouse of gay PM, but Muslim and immigrant first ladies survived 'expulsion'

How it managed to 'miss' Destenay, who is clearly visible as the only man smiling and wearing a dark suit, will remain a mystery.


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Technology, Internet, Fiber optic, 5G

5G doesn't seem like it's coming to India anytime soon

Technically, we need a strong backhaul that will take time to create.


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Ransomware, Wannacry

Why we should blame America for WannaCry ransomware

The vulnerability targeted by WannaCry was for years of strategic importance for the National Security Agency.


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Android, Malware, Wannacry, Judy

Android phone users, Judy is a sign of terrible malware to come

Ransomware 'WannaCry' was just the tip of the iceberg.