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Story Posted on 25-01-2018


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POSCO, Naveen Pattanaik, Baijayant Jay Panda, Odisha

Suspending Jay Panda from BJD may hurt Naveen Patnaik's prospects in 2019 Assembly polls

For the BJP, with whom the BJD’s Lok Sabha MP from Kendrapara enjoys a cosy relationship, the political scenario is pregnant with great possibilities.


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Army, Budget, Defence procurement, Defence

Defence budget: Why allocating 1.56% of GDP is not enough to withstand another Doklam

Despite approvals given to a number of acquisitions, nothing much seems to have been delivered on the ground.


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Free Speech, Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, Padmaavat

Padmaavat: Why Mamata Banerjee's defence of free speech reeks of double standards

The West Bengal CM’s effort to project herself as a liberal icon falls flat going by her track record over the past years.


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BJP, Unemployment, Technical education, AICTE

Government would rather introduce studies of Vedas and Puranas in technical institutes than fix faculty, infra problems

Ancient India does have many things to be justifiably proud of, and there is nothing wrong in making young people aware of their heritage, but not with misplaced priorities.


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Rajasthan, Padmaavat, Gurgaon

First-hand account of reporting the violence that struck Gurgaon over Padmaavat release

If only political will had been united, unafraid of election results, the situation wouldn't have escalated.


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Bad loans, Public sector banks, RBI, Bank recapitalisation

PSU bank recapitalisation is urgent, but questions remain on the allocation of funds

On what basis did IDBI Bank, with highest percentage of bad loans, get the maximum capital inflow?


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Rajput Karni Sena, Gurugram, Padmaavat

Attacking Gurgaon school bus is terrorism: Twitter users react sharply

Rajput Karni Sena, however, has denied having any role in the attack.


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Class privilege, Casteism, Shekhar Gupta, The Print

How a viral photo of a woman sitting on the floor of Delhi Metro triggered a debate on class bias

A woman who was accused of discrimination has come back with a strong rejoinder.


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Pakistan, CPEC, Donald Trump, Chinese aggression

India must forge deeper ties with ASEAN nations to counter China in Indian Ocean

New Delhi needs to shore up greater support given that the challenge from Beijing is growing increasingly formidable.


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Defence deals, India-US Ties, US defence strategy

What Trump's new national defence and security strategies mean for India

In future, a sharp deterioration of China-US ties cannot be ruled out.