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Story Posted on 25-02-2018


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Social Media, Bollywood, Sridevi, Sridevi passes away

Why social media users coming up with theories on what caused Sridevi's death is disturbing

Had the actress been suffering from any illness, her death would not become any less tragic.


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Smita Chakraburtty, Rajasthan, Supreme Court, Prisons

Will open prisons become a reality in India?

The system is based purely on trust. Prisoners leave for work in the morning and come back in the evening.


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Public health system, Tamil Nadu, Breast implants

Outrage over Tamil Nadu offering the poor breast alteration surgery reveals a sick mentality

No, the state government is not offering larger cup sizes while withholding money for cancer and TB treatment.


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Tribal, Kerala, Attapadi, Madhu lynching

What lynching of tribal man says about Kerala

The lynching of Madhu and the image of him with his hands tied up will haunt the state forever.


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Amitabh Bachchan, Male dominance, Meryl Streep, Sridevi passes away

Who is responsible for Sridevi’s death?

Women, like men, should be free to wear what they want and look the way they want.


 |  Tarar Square  |  8-minute read
Reham Khan, Jemima Khan, Bushra Wattoo, Imran Khan

Reactions to Imran Khan's third marriage show everything that is wrong with Twitter

The social media website puts everything one says or does under microscopic scrutiny of those who are hardly in the know.


 |  Gloves Off  |  4-minute read
2024 Olympics, Sports, Gold Coast, Commonwealth Games

Why sending star players to Commonwealth Games is not the best idea

We should instead focus on grooming young talent at a stage where the competition is not very tough.


 |  6-minute read
India-Pakistan Relations, Pakistan Army, Maldives, Pakistan

India must reach out to all neighbours, including Pakistan, to counter China

New Delhi as a chaotic democracy has not been able to match up to Beijing's economic and military might.


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Singer, Songs, Sexual Harrassment, Child Abuse

What the Papon controversy taught me about idols

That is the thing about idols - they are flawed humans too.


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Entertainment, Bollywood, Sridevi

10 lesser-known things about Sridevi

The actress refused a brief role in Steven Speilberg's Jurassic Park.