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Story Posted on 08-03-2018


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Supreme Court, Women's autonomy, Love Jihad, Hadiya case

Hadiya case: It took Supreme Court to rule that adult Indians can marry who they want

Law's excesses had entered her life long before her marriage.


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Sexual harassment, Lawrence Liang, Ambedkar University Delhi, Raya sarkar

Law professor Lawrence Liang held guilty of sexual harassment: Name and shame list vindicated?

An inquiry panel found the academic had 'crossed the line' on multiple occasions.


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Sangh Parivar, BJP, Tripura Assembly elections 2018, Lenin statue

Attack on Lenin, Periyar statues is a sign democracy is unsafe under BJP rule

This must stop.


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Goddess, Women's Day, Shakti

A look at Jammu region where feminine power is worshipped

Dogras practise the timeless concepts of equality and respect for their women folk.


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Lenin statue, Lenin, Communism, Left

Real reason behind why Left lost to BJP in Tripura

Marxists have little faith in the due process, as evident from the mass murders committed at the behest of Stalin, Mao Zedong or even Pol Pot.


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Third Front, BJP, NDA, TDP

What TDP’s exit from NDA means for Chandrababu Naidu and 2019 Lok Sabha elections

The hope that regional satraps can edge out the BJP and the Congress as the single largest political formation has pushed Andhra Pradesh CM to the political gamble.


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Kabul, Sridevi, Afghanistan

How Sridevi's Afghanistan fans remember the actress who brought peace to Kabul

Some militant commanders even stopped firing rockets in her honour!


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Women's Rights, October Revolution, Russian revolution, Women's Day

How Lenin and Russian Revolution in 1917 played a role in the origin of Women's Day

March 8 is a day to strengthen the fight against the 21st century struggles where women are still vying for equality, choice, freedom, peace and justice.


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Literature, Books, Storytelling

Why storytelling matters — at such a time

When stories are told, not read, it adds a measure of delight to the experience.


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Crime Against Women, Women’s rights, Patriarchy, Women's Day

Today Women’s Day celebrates every stereotype women have fought to shatter. I hate it

Society thinks ‘celebrating’ women is to tell them they are a great supporting cast to men, and hence deserve to look pretty for the male gaze — at a discounted price.