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Story Posted on 12-03-2018


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Surya Prakash, Smriti Irani, I&B ministry, Prasar Bharati

Smriti Irani versus Prasar Bharati chairman is anything but a war over autonomy of Doordarshan and AIR

The Modi government, like the Congress governments, have ensured that the public broadcaster is reduced to working as a propaganda tool.


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Pregnancy, Women Health, Menstruation, Women's Day

If our pain isn't seen, where do we go?

I was born under the almost full moon. I sometimes joke that this is how I feel, frustratingly close, but never enough.


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Srinagar, Grave, Mirza Muhammad Haidar Dughlat Beg, India-Kazakhstan

How a Kazakh prince's grave has brought India and Kazakhstan closer

The embassy and ASI restored the grave of Mirza Muhammad Haidar Dughlat Beg, the governor and de facto ruler of Kashmir in the 16th century.


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Crimes against Women, Cyber crime, Revenge Porn

Man getting 5 years in jail for sharing nude video of ex shows India is waking up to revenge porn

While there is no specific law against it, a range of legal provisions exist to help the victim.


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BJP, UPA 2, Salary Hike, Seventh Pay Commission

7th Pay Commission: What no one will tell you

Salaries for central government employees account for one per cent of the country's GDP which would now inevitably increase, perhaps by up to 0.3 per.


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Nvidia, Gigabyte, Ryzen, Corsair

Why you should build your own gaming PC, instead of relying on PlayStation and Xbox

There is no denying that building a rig on a tight budget is a headache-inducing task, yet its benefits far outweigh the negatives.


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National People's Congress, CPC, China, Xi Jinping

Why China has cleared the way for Xi Jinping to rule for life

China's Parliament overwhelmingly voted to end the two-term limit of the presidency.


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Senior lawyers, Nominations, Rajya Sabha polls

Rajya Sabha polls: When senior lawyers made a strong case for themselves

Voting to elect 58 members to the upper house of Parliament will take place on March 23.


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Golden age, Brahminism, Shudras, Caste conflict

The ugly truth about India's caste system

[Book extract] History may tell us why the exclusion came to be, but the question — as was famously said — is how to change it.


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Westworld, Neuralink, Tesla, SpaceX

How SpaceX plans to launch spacecraft to Mars by 2019

Elon Musk has announced that the company will shoot off its first test rocket to Mars as early as next year.