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Story Posted on 12-04-2018


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Patriarchy, Jammu, Communalism, Hindutva

We have not only failed the Kathua rape victim, but all our daughters

Indians have become so insensitive that such horrific crimes no longer boil our blood.


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Deepak Kochhar, Videocon, ICICI Bank, Chanda Kochhar

Why ICICI CEO Chanda Kochhar has not yet been asked to step down by board or RBI

The ICICI chief has allegations of nepotism, conflict of interest and impropriety against her.


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Fake news circular, Manish Tewari, Smriti Irani, I&B ministry

I've worked in the I&B ministry, this is why its role is far from over

Recently, former I&B minister Manish Tewari argued that the ministry should be abolished once and for all.


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Relationships, Men, Romance, Casual sex

A single woman hitting her 40s, looking for romance, describes her brushes with the 'bad boys of Delhi'

[Book extract] I froze when I saw the box of Masti condoms resting against my silvery purple sandals.


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Inequality, Education, Rani Mukerji, Hichki

Hichki shows all that is wrong in the ‘stories of triumph’ of our times

Celebrating the ‘individual overcoming all disadvantages’ narrative is a way to absolve other entities – state, society and market – of responsibilities.


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Budget Session, Parliament disruptions, PM Modi's Fast

How PM Modi just pulled a fast one on us

We wonder what he actually meant by 'na khaunga, na khaane dunga'.


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Budget Session, Parliament disruptions, Fast, BJP

Why BJP’s nationwide fast is irresponsible

If the Prime Minister himself is sitting on hunger strikes, who is supposed to provide solutions?


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Fasts, Lok Sabha, Parliament disruptions, Narendra Modi

The real intention behind Modi's fast

Prime ministers and ruling parties don't have to protest and agitate to secure a demand that only they can meet.


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More Bodies Will Fall, Northeast, Fiction

Why I set my crime fiction in the Northeast

Outwardly, things may look fine, but the rot is within.


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Sexual assault, Lawyers Violence, BJP, Rape victim

Lawyers coming in the way of justice for 8-year-old Kathua gang-rape-murder victim is a travesty

This is majoritarian assertion at its lowest, cheapest and scariest.