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Story Posted on 27-04-2018


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India-China Ties, Narendra Modi, Xi Jinping

Why Xi Jinping inviting Narendra Modi for an informal meet in China is a historic event

Both leaders need to ensure forward movement despite the differences.


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Fair skin fixation, Beauty pagents, Aishwarya Rai, Diana Hayden

Tripura CM saying Diana Hayden is not an Indian beauty shows he neither understands women nor Constitution

It is much easier to slot women as divine figures without human characteristics or any taint of human flaws.


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Women and Child Development Ministry, Maneka Gandhi, Patriarchy, Male child sex abuse

Centre orders study of male child sex abuse: Time we woke up

Concrete data will hopefully make people aware of what is often turned a blind eye to.


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Politics, Bollywood, Devdas, Sudhir mishra

When power becomes her

Sudhir Mishra's Daas Dev inverts this Hamletian tale and gives the two women, usually long-suffering victims of Devdas' alcoholism, some agency.


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Mukesh Ambani, Counterpoint, Smartphone, Reliance

Why JioPhone is bad news for Indian smartphone industry

The tremendous growth in the feature phone segment comes at the cost of growth in the smartphone market.


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World Bank, Supreme Court, Data Breach, Aadhaar card

Government admitting it misled people into linking mobile number with Aadhaar is not its only lie

Let there be no confusion that Aadhaar is a surveillance technology for all practical purposes.


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Lynchings, Minority appeasement, Communal Violence, Narendra Modi

Has rising turmoil really destroyed India’s growth story?

Parties predicting doom and disaster today are the ones that have appeased, and not empowered, citizens for decades.


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Nargis, MGR, Multiplexes, Dilip Kumar

What I learnt after spending five decades in showbiz

In today's world of hypermedia, stars might be bigger but they are much more fragile and transient.


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Doctors Assault, Doctors Strike, AIIMS

AIIMS doctors' indefinite strike affecting healthcare services needs wider discussion

Doctors are under attack, but can solutions come from making patients suffer?


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Rajkumar Hirani, AK-56, Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt

Why Sanju is more about Ranbir Kapoor and the myth of poor star kids

This is simply a new wave of Bollywood propaganda.