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Story Posted on 24-02-2019


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Pakistan, Tomato, Pulwama, Lies

Red-Faced Like A Tomato: This viral video reveals a deep, dark truth about Pakistan

Even as Pakistani TV lambasts India for not sending them tomatoes, we award rotten tomatoes for other experts who claim Pakistan stopped importing India's tomatoes long ago, and secretly search for tomato-free recipes.


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BJP, Article 35A, Kashmir, Pulwama terrorist attack

Panic in Kashmir: How a spate of official orders and increased deployment of troops have the Valley on edge

Petrol pumps are running dry, people are scrambling to stock groceries and vegetables. The Pulwama attack is leaving deep scars on the Kashmiri psyche.


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Shehla Rashid, Mehbooba Mufti, JNU, Pulwama terrorist attack

Why I object to my JNU colleague's statements against Mehbooba Mufti on Pulwama

In an environment where all Indians are grieving and some are being unfairly targeted, why are academics who should know much better adding to the chaos, even to hatred?


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Heroism, Bravery, Police force in india, Madhya Pradesh

When Khaki Shines: Constable carries bleeding man to hospital on his back

Although far less celebrated than our armed forces, an ill-equipped, understaffed and stereotyped police force is always in the thick of human challenges, and mostly manages to do a good job.


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Nizam of hyderabad, Hyderabad, Pulwama, Karachi bakery

What this attack on Karachi Bakery reveals about our new 'patriotism'

It's easier to cover Karachi on a signboard of Karachi Bakery. But it's not easy to cover our stupidity and ignorance.