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Story Posted on 25-02-2019


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Nationalism, Muslim identity, Zoya Akhtar, Ranveer Singh

No costume drama: 'Gully Boy' and being Muslim in Bollywood today

In Bollywood, over many decades, for every Vijay, Prem and Rahul, there were just no Rahims or Abduls. Until, finally, there was a Murad!


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BJP-RSS, Separatism, Kashmir, Pulwama terrorist attack

Kashmir: Are BJP-RSS pushing it to a point where religious fundamentalism wins?

No religious state, once-Hindu Nepal, Buddhist Myanmar, Islamic Pakistan, has been able to negotiate democracy. Our current government needs to keep this in mind while pushing an increasingly Islamic Kashmir to the brink.


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Wildlife conservation, Species extinction, The Great Indian Bustard

Great Indian Bustard: Meet perhaps the first species to go extinct in independent India

The Great Indian Bustard (GIB) is iconic and deserves a chance at surviving. The challenges it faces today can be tackled too. But that will need serious political will.


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Mehbooba Mufti, Kashmir Militancy, Kashmir, Pulwama  attack

After Pulwama: The chaos in Kashmir is a result of Kashmiri politicians always choosing their own gains over larger good

The current uncertainty, fear and unease in the state is a direct result of the total failure of the Kashmiri leadership, mainstream and separatist groups alike.


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Species extinction, Wildlife conservation, India-Pakistan Relations, The Great Indian Bustard

Don't subject the Great Indian Bustard to politics of hate

Before pointing fingers at Pakistan, we need to reflect upon our own lack of political will to save the Great Indian Bustard from extinction.


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Love, Relationships, Death, Life

Rest in peace, Isha! What life and death teach us in just a split second

We go through life assuming there is a tomorrow. Until that one final second hits you like a bolt of lightning, and it is all over. So, why not make the most of it, while we can?


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Karachi bakery, Navjot Singh Sidhu, Pakistan, Pulwama

Sidhu, Kashmiri kids, Karachi Bakery, all faced our ire. And we will get to Pakistan too. Sure, we will

Going by how some of us are displaying our valour, we’ll soon have the neighbour saying ‘tauba tauba’ in a very different tone.


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World Cup, Cricket, India-Pakistan, Pulwama

Boycott Pakistan Strategically: Terror and sports never go together because ethics is no game

Compete in multilateral contests but no India-Pakistan matches. We must cut out direct sporting ties with a nation that sponsors terrorism. By playing bilaterally with them, we legitimise their duplicity.


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Samsung, HMD Global, Mobile World Congress, Camera Phone

The camera phone race: Do we even need five cameras on our phones?

After losing out to informed buyers in the megapixel race, smartphone makers have now jumped into a camera race.


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Jason momoa, Black Panther, Period, Oscars 2019

Oscars 2019: 5 times we laughed and cried

From Trump's hair to Jason Momoa's hair band, here's how the Oscar showcased its crazier side!