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Story Posted on 12-03-2019


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Religion, Communalism, Trolls, Surf excel advertisement

Trolls, wash your minds with the detergent whose ad you're needlessly slamming!

In attacking an ad that showed a beautiful message of friendship and peace, bigoted trolls did not realise that they unintentionally helped spread the same message too!


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Congress alliances, Priyanka gandhi vadra, Lok Sabha election 2019, Mahagathbandhan

Mission 272 With Rajdeep Sardesai: Top 10 reasons why Narendra Modi is the clear front runner in 2019

Elections are both a marathon and a steeplechase. And here's why PM Modi is ahead at the moment.


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Pakistan, Balakot air strike, Pulwama, Pulwama terror attack

Did the Balakot crow die fed up of Pakistani lies?

The country has been lying incessantly since the Pulwama terror attack in Kashmir.


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United Nations, Masood Azhar, Pulwama terrorist attack, Pakistan terrorism

‘Naya’ Pakistan is only a chimera

Pakistan’s strategy — as in the past — is to deflect international pressure by taking token action against terrorist groups, and then go back to business once the heat wears off.


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Pulwama martyrs, Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Indian Cricket

India vs Australia: After Pulwama, why cricket's 'camouflage cap' seems more like official merchandise and less a homage to martyrs

No, the Indian team did not 'politicise' it. But yes, they did 'commercialise' it.


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Ncr pollution, National Green Tribunal, Supreme Court, Real estate mafia

Aravalli Deforestation: Real estate over life breath? Mr Khattar needs to make a choice now

While real estate projects in Haryana can get the state world-class infrastructure, what worth is it if the people in those cities are not able to breathe?


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Entertainment, Badla, Bollywood, Taapsee Pannu

5 reasons why we absolutely love Taapsee Pannu

The spunky, talented action girl is not often spotted at Bollywood weddings, parties or exiting airports, looking perfect. She minds her own business and her box office success.


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Jaish-e-mohammed, Reuters, New York Times, Pulwama terror attack

Hey New York Times, Pulwama was not an ‘explosion’, just like 9/11 wasn’t 'a plane crash'

Pakistan-based terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) claimed responsibility for the Pulwama attack. How did this information slip the journalists at NYT? Or is this post-fact journalism now?


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India, Manmohan desai, Bollywood, Amar akbar anthony

The man behind 'Amar Akbar Anthony': The three characters India can't get over

March 1 was director Manmohan Desai's 25th death anniversary. A director who was never in the arty creative club but who knew his audiences, and defined Indian secularism.


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Twitter, Rahul Gandhi, Cambridge Analytica, Narendra Modi

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Will Narendra Modi win India's first electoral battle fought in a Kurukshetra of cyber-space?

Modi ushered in digital poll campaigning into India in 2014. Now, as the medium has proliferated well beyond one leader and one party, will he be able to harness it, or will the Opposition ride the cyber waves?