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Story Posted on 30-05-2019


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Team India, Number 4 spot, World Cup 2019

The number 4 dilemma

As India takes on Australia today in the ICC World Cup, and one problem still plagues them: the no. 4 slot. India found no answers in the lead up to the World Cup.


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RSS, Nagpur, Narendra Modi, Khan market gang

PM Modi, what about this dynasty? Yes, Modi hit out at the privileged 'Khan Market gang'

But can he target Nagpur too? After all, that system also represents similar privilege based on hereditary entitlements.


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Wedding, Sister, Family, Relationships

No, I am not a problem. I am just an unmarried sister-in-law

I will eventually find my own way. Everyone does.


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Forecourt, Narendra Modi, Swearing-in ceremony

Modi's Swearing-In Ceremony: 7 ways in which the big oath day changed between 2014 and 2019

Five years later, Narendra Modi is taking oath again as Prime Minister at Rashtrapati Bhavan. But there are differences between 2014 and today.


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Swearing-in ceremony, Kangana Ranaut, Akshay kumar, Narendra Modi

From Akshay Kumar to Payal Rohatgi, our Bollywood wishlist for Narendra Modi's ceremony!

We will be disheartened if we don't get to hear 'How's the josh' at least once!


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Imran Khan, Narendra Modi, Swearing in, Pakistan

PM Modi's Oath: Pakistan should not play down Imran Khan not being invited to Modi's swearing-in

If Pakistan thinks it is being excluded due to Narendra Modi's 'internal politics', it is totally wrong. It needs to look at its own internal situation.


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Australia, World Cup 2019, India vs Pakistan, Cricket

5 things to watch for in the World Cup: From India's Kesari jersey to the Afghan Debut, there's a lot that's new

As the cricket World Cup starts, here's a quick view of what you haven't seen before, and what you definitely cannot miss.


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BJP president, Op mathur, Vinay sahasrabuddhe, JP Nadda

Who could succeed Amit Shah? 3 men who may be BJP's president, if Shah joins the new Cabinet

Speculation is rife that Amit Shah may move to the new cabinet. If that happens, who will be the BJP's new chief, someone who can deliver victories in key state poll battles coming up?


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Rahul Gandhi, BJP, Swearing in, Narendra Modi

PM Modi swearing-in ceremony live streaming: Watch on Aaj Tak news channel

Among the BJP leaders likely to get key ministries are Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, Smriti Irani, Nitin Gadkari and Piyush Goyal. Watch PM Modi's oath taking ceremony here:


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Imran Khan, Swearing-in ceremony, Shehla Rashid

Shehla Rashid: Inviting Imran Khan to Modi's swearing-in would help peace. Hasn't India got terror accused like Sadhvi Pragya too?

Shehla Rashid, Kashmiri political leader and activist, spoke with Rohit E David on why she thinks PM Narendra Modi should have invited Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan to his swearing-in.