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Story Posted on 24-07-2019


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Narendra Modi, Kashmir intervention, Imran Khan, Donald Trump

Why not the Trump card? US offer to mediate on Kashmir may be what Pakistan and India need

The possible advantages are many, including Pakistan dismantling its militancy infrastructure for Kashmir and reining in hatred taught against India.


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Non-performing assets, Modi 2.0, Modinomics, Insolvency and bankruptcy code

A Towering Modinomics Feat: Why the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code is among Modi 2.0's biggest achievements

Non-performing assets have been the Congress-led UPA regime's worst legacy. The IBC helps undo that festering damage by ensuring institutional lending and corporate rescue frameworks.


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Anti-national, Dalit Killing, Letter to prime minister, Lynching

Patriots like us must call out lynchings. Why doesn't PM Modi start a campaign against hate crimes?

Notable cultural figures have written a controversial letter on lynching to the PM, including filmmaker Aparna Sen, who spoke with Rohit E David on why this issue has become so crucial now.


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Terrorism, Financial action task force, Pakistan, Gulalai ismail

How Pakistan suffocates women: Gulalai Ismail, women rights activist, goes missing. The worst is possible

Ismail is being hounded by Pak security services for speaking out against gang rapes, forced marriages and honour killings. Her voice is unbearable to a state which favours terrorists.


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Donald Trump, Sonia Gandhi, Shashi Tharoor, Rahul Gandhi

Speak softly, tweet less: A few items Rahul Gandhi should borrow from Sonia's survival kit

Sonia sharpened her attacks on the Atal Bihari Vajpayee govt, while learning to choose her words cautiously. Rahul must learn this too, for his and his party's political survival now.


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POSCO, Smriti Irani, Death penalty, Child Rape

No, Minister: Why Smriti Irani's proposal of death penalty for sexual crimes against children is no solution

A death penalty is a control-shift-delete approach, which defeats the purpose of a punishment. Reform.


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Kulbhushan jadhav icj victory, Icj verdict jadhav, Kulbhushan jadhav icj verdict, Kulbhushan Jadhav

Despite the partial victory for India at ICJ, Jadhav might not be coming back home anytime soon

The International Court of Justice raised some red flags about Pakistan’s violation of the Vienna Convention. Nevertheless, they allowed Jadhav to stay in Pakistan’s custody.


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Conservatives, Prime minister of uk, UK, Boris johnson

Boris Johnson is no fool: Don't underestimate a shrewd politician who relentlessly planned becoming Britain's PM

Boris Johnson declares he will follow in the example of his hero, Britain's war-time PM Winston Churchill. He will first need to fight serious political battles though.


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Hafiz saeed arrested, Donald Trump, Imran Khan, Donald trump meeting imran khan

Imran Khan Gets Trumped: The Imran Khan-Donald Trump meeting was a desperate job interview, not a state visit

Pakistan is willing to do anything to gain US support. Donald Trump has his eyes on the 2020 election. The meeting, therefore, was hardly equal. It mainly laid out Imran Khan's KRAs.


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Kumaraswamy loses, Karnataka mlas resign, Karnataka bjp vs congress-jds, Karnataka crisis

Get a grip, Congress! The party blames BJP for all its woes. But has it ever looked at these weaknesses within?

The INC-JD(S) alliance was doomed from the start. Similarly, the demographics and the language of the Congress showed it was totally out of touch. Why blame the BJP?