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Story Posted on 12-08-2019


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Jammu and Kashmir, Article 370, Amit Shah, Syama Prasad Mookerjee

Amit Shah as the new Sardar Patel: By revoking Article 370, Amit Shah has emerged as the most decisive Home Minister

The RSS and BJP always stood against special status for J&K, arguing it meant alienation from the rest of India. By revoking Article 370, Amit Shah has put an end to this distance.


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Mission mangal full movie, Akshay kumar mission mangal, Akshay kumar, Mission mangal

Akshay Kumar, Fair Superstar: Why criticism over 'sexism' in Akshay Kumar’s 'Mission Mangal' is unwarranted

To many, it seems 'Mission Mangal' gives Akshay Kumar more prominent display than his woman co-stars. But Kumar has always shared screen space equitably with women actors.


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Fashion, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Article 370

After Article 370, new style: This can be a fresh start for fashion designers from J&K and Ladakh

This is a carpe-diem moment for fashion designers in the UTs, to celebrate their cultural identity, educate about their roots and tell their rich textile story in designs that go beyond the pheran.


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Bollywood, Naya daur, Gunga jumna, Vyjayanthimala

The original female superstar: How Vyjanthimala danced into Bollywood, and made the industry dance around her

Happy birthday, Vyjayanthimala!


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Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Floods

Deccan in deluge: What makes the floods an annual saga year on year?

The floods in Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra, that have become an annual event, are man-made and could have been prevented had action been taken in due time.


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Anurag kashyap on twitter, Anurag kashyap leaves twitter, Anurag kashyap trolled, Anurag Kashyap

Liberal Touchiness: What Anurag Kashyap leaving Twitter over trolls tells us about liberals

Such oversensitivity, much wow!


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Amit Shah, Jammu and Kashmir, Article 370

Identity Crisis in Kashmir: If nationalism isn't fetishized, Kashmiris may see advantages to the idea of being India

Kashmiris today need to make a tough choice while living in very tough circumstances. But while Hindutva may repel, there are advantages as well to willfully joining the Indian mainland.


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Shah Rukh Khan, Movie Review, Karan Johar, Kabhi alvida naa kehna

13 YO Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna: A progressive film with utterly regressive treatment

We were ready for an alternate 'Silsila'. Instead, we were left feeling guilty and uncomfortable for siding with Dev and Maya.


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Article 370 revoked, Amit shah article 370, Jammu and kashmir latest news, Article 370

PM’s gift to the youth of J&K: Abrogation of Article 370 has opened up possibilities of increase in employment and economic growth

That Article 370 was discriminatory has been discussed and debated at length. But its mere revocation has opened up new possibilities for the youth of Kashmir.


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Akal Takht, Manohar Lal Khattar, Sikh, Kashmir

Because the Sikhs saw it all: Why the Sikhs are so sentimental about the Kashmiris

The revocation of Article 370 has brought back a flood of memories to different political and religious quarters in Punjab. Some are of great heroism. Some are of utter trauma.