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Story Posted on 27-04-2020


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Aadhaar, Data Privacy, Public health, Aarogyasetuapp

Aarogya Setu is similar to Chinese tracking app. For a democracy, it is too close for comfort

While the world is balancing privacy and public health even in this difficult time, the Indian government's Aarogya Setu app is emulating Chinese government's all-controlling, all-tracking system.


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Food delivery, Covid-19, Personal protection equipment, Lockdowndiary

Lockdown Diary Of A Teenager: Our own armours to fight Covid-19

Besides constantly checking updates on the coronavirus cases in the country, personal protection is an enduring part of our day.


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Prashant Kishor, Covid-19 deaths, West bengal coronavirus, Mamatabanerjee

Fear is growing. West Bengal could soon be India’s own China

The state has chosen a model to ascertain Covid-19 deaths that is so unique it can be patented as the Bengal Covid-19 tracking/tackling model.


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Smallpox, Vaccine, Covidiot, Kimjongun

DailyOh! Why Americans are flocking to Mt Rushmore, to when Kim Jong-un went missing for 40 days

More and more rushing to Mt Rushmore, here’s the Rushmore story they may have missed.


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Coronavirus in india, Hospital, Non-covid patients, Covid19

Our non-Covid patients need care and treatment. Are we letting them down?

Patients are dying of non-coronavirus related ailments because of delay in treatment, owing to the lockdown or fear of contracting the virus in the hospital.


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Covid-19, Negative crude oil price, Crude Oil, Petroleum pricing

Clear picture of negative crude oil price

The situation has created rigmarole in market clearance across commodity derivatives markets of the world.