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Story Posted on 08-05-2020


 |  KOCH DIARIES  |  3-minute read
Dslr, Hunger, Train tragedy, Migrantlabourers

Moon, roti and a massacre

The invisible poor will go back to being invisible. That Dark Side of the country cannot be captured. Four rotis can't do it.


 |  4-minute read
Lg polymers, Gas leak, Jagan mohan reddy, Styrenegasleak

Why Jagan moved quickly to grant Rs 1 crore to Vizag gas leak victims

The government is likely to make LG Polymers pay a significant portion of the relief handed over to the victims.


 |  4-minute read
India today magazine, Airlines staff, Healthcare workers, Covid-19

The Saviours: Ordinary people, extraordinary courage

India Today Editor-in-Chief talks about the Covid warriors who are risking their lives to keep essential services going, in the May 18, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.


 |  Ed Hoc  |  3-minute read
Migrant labourers, Lockdown, Train accident, Aurangabadaccident

A train cut through 16 migrants while you were sleeping. How’s your Dalgona coffee?

What is one small train accident? Just another piece of news. Just another day in the life of India. Those poor sods are already becoming a distant memory.


 |  7-minute read
Kim Jong-un, Madonna, Coronavirus, Migrants

DailyOh! Is sex safe during Covid-19, to why Dennis Rodman is Kim Jong-un’s best buddy

China did not find it but the world has found the virus in semen too.


 |  9-minute read
Bollywoood, Asha Bhosle, Op nayyar, Lata Mangeshkar

Why there cannot be another Talat Mahmood

What makes Talat Mahmood's voice unique, beyond replication?


 |  7-minute read
Marginalised communities, Coronavirus pandemic, Adolescent health, Covid19

How India can take care of its marginalised adolescents during Covid crisis

With 253 million adolescents, India must take stock of the challenges that the pandemic presents to a demographic that holds the key to the country’s future.


 |  4-minute read
Hinduphobia, Secular politics, Islamophobia, Indianmuslims

India is no country for Islamophobia

Without being secular themselves, Muslim leaders in the country constantly take shelter behind the secular Indian constitution to disgorge their communal bile.


 |  6-minute read
Family values, Love, Death, Coronavirus pandemic

Dealing with love, life and death in times of the coronavirus

There are countless many who have lost their lives during this pandemic while their families could only look on helplessly. One has so much to be grateful for.