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Story Posted on 12-01-2022


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Hindi film dialogues, Worst dialogues, Bollywood, Bollywooddialogues

20 famous Bollywood dialogues no one has ever said IRL

Bollywood movies have delivered some amazing dialogues but some of 'em over-the-top ones were strictly for those over-the-top films. Here 20 such famous Hindi film dialogues you would never use in real life.


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Fuelpoverty, Electricity, Cuddlewithpets, Ovoenergy

Electricity company asks customers to cuddle with pets to keep warm and save money

Energy company writes a blog about cost-effective ways to keep warm and offends Britons who are glaring at fuel poverty and a large rise in electricity bills.


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Lapd, Lapdofficersfired, Snorlax, Pokémon

Two US police officers chose to play Pokémon Go instead of stopping a robbery. What happened next?

Two LAPD officers chose to capture Snorlax in Pokémon Go rather than respond to a radio call to stop a robbery. Here's what happened next.


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Novakdjokovicpassport, Djokovicdeportation, Scottmorrisondjokovic, Novakdjokovic

Novak Djokovic met journalist when Covid-positive, blames agent for visa error: What is happening

Serbian tennis superstar Novak Djokovic issued a statement over his interview with a journalist when he was Covid-19 positive. What is the whole controversy about the Serbian player playing in the Australian Open?


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Doctor license cancelled, Liver transplant, Initials on liver, Simonbramhall

A UK doctor's medical license has been revoked for branding livers with his initials during transplant

A surgeon in the United Kingdom has been removed from the country's medical register for marking his initials on transplanted livers. Here's the whole story.


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Covid19india, Lakshadweep, Covidrestrictions, Makarsankranti

Covid Third Wave in India: Nearly 2 lakh cases registered and 4 other updates

On January 12, India registered almost 2 lakh new Covid-19 cases and 165 deaths. On the other hand, Delhi Health Minister said that if cases decrease by this week, then all Covid restrictions would be removed.


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Americanwomenquartersprogram, Usquarter, Firstblackwomanusquarter, Mayaangelou

Maya Angelou becomes the first Black woman to appear on a US Quarter Coin: Mixed reactions pour in

The US minted a new quarter coin honoring African American activist Maya Angelou for the first time and it seems like the public is confused about its significance.


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Americanairlinespassenger, Unrulypassengers, Miami, Honduras

Man barges into cockpit, damages an American Airlines plane: Twitter guesses why

A man went berserk while boarding an American Airlines flight in Honduras, broke into the cockpit, damaged flight controls and tried to jump out of the cockpit window. Twitter has hilarious theories on what happened.