Do not do what Bad Bunny did with his ex's voice notes. It could get you a 40-million-dollar lawsuit

Dristi Sharma
Dristi SharmaMar 24, 2023 | 15:27

Do not do what Bad Bunny did with his ex's voice notes. It could get you a 40-million-dollar lawsuit

The lawsuit was filed by Bad Bunny's ex-girlfriend Carliz De La Cruz Hernández, who is seeking a minimum of $40 million in damages. Photo: dailyO

After a breakup, what do you do with the voicenotes that you have of your ex? Rehear them, delete them or hell, make them your ringtone... but do not do what Bad Bunny did, for it could land you in legal trouble. We're talking 40 million US dollars here! 

What's the tea? 

It looks like things are not going well for Bad Bunny; his ex-girlfriend Carliz De La Cruz Hernandez just sued him for 40 million dollars for using her voice 'Bad Bunny, Baby' - in two of his most popular songs. 

  • The lawsuit was filed by Bad Bunny's ex-girlfriend Carliz De La Cruz Hernández, who is seeking a minimum of $40 million in damages. 
  • It was filed in a court in Puerto Rico, and alleges that the singer used a voice recording provided by Hernández without her consent.

The recording features Hernández saying, "Bad Bunny, Baby," and was used in two of the artist's popular songs. Both songs open with the phrase, 'Bad Bunny, Baby' in a female voice, which Hernández claims is hers. 

Thousands of people have commented directly on Carliz's social media networks, as well as every time she goes to a public place, about the 'Bad Bunny, Baby'. This has caused and currently causes, De La Cruz feels worried, anguished, intimidated, overwhelmed and anxious.
- The lawsuit

Here are the songs, if you want to listen to them for yourself

  • The song Pa Ti has received over 355 million views on YouTube and has been played more than 235 million times on Spotify. 
  • The other song, Dos Mil 16, has garnered over 60 million views on YouTube and has been streamed more than 280 million times on Spotify.

As per legal documents, the three-time Grammy winner offered Carliz De La Cruz $2,000 to buy the recording of her voice. However, she declined. Later, Bad Bunny or Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, used it without her consent, says the lawsuit. 

Bad Bunny, Baby: Since 2011

De La Cruz and Bad Bunny started dating in 2011 and later were enrolled at the University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo, a town on the northern coast of Puerto Rico, while also working together at a local grocery store. 

  • During that period, the lawsuit claims, Martinez was regularly producing music and seeking De La Cruz's opinions on his songs and beats.
  • In addition to this, De La Cruz was responsible for organising Martinez's events and managing his contracts and invoices.


  • The 'Bad Bunny, Baby' phrase was invented in 2015 when Cruz had recorded herself speaking the line on a voice recording app in a bathroom at her friend's place, as it was the only quiet place available to her.
  • The recording was then sent to Bad Bunny.

Now, what's happening with Bad Bunny, Kendall Jenner and her ex Devin Booker? 

But looks like Bad Bunny got no chills; he wants to target everyone with his songs. First his ex and now his current girlfriend's ex. If you are thinking who we are talking about: It's Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner... and the Ex? The basketball player, Devin Booker (Kendall dated Booker on and off for two years). 

Photo: Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker

Rumours of Bad Bunny dating Kendall grew stronger during February 2023, when the couple was spotted kissing. 

What's the latest?

Now, on March 17, Bad Bunny dropped a song called Coco Chanel by Eladio Carrión, in which he contributes only one verse. And Bad Bunny certainly makes it spicy. 


Within his verse, Bad Bunny subtly takes a jab at Devin Booker, the basketball player for the Phoenix Suns. 

Here are the lyrics:

Las de escorpio son peligro - which translates to, "Scorpio women are dangerous." (Kendall is a Scorpio)

And then, here's where things get heated: 

Yo no soy malo, nah, bebé, eso e' un gimmick / Pero el sol de PR calienta má' que el de Phoenix / Ella lo sabe 

Which translates to,

"I'm not bad, baby that's a gimmick / But the sun in Puerto Rico is hotter than in Phoenix / She knows it."

There hasn't been any comment from Devin or Kendall about Bunny's new song. 

How mature is that? You guys decide.

Last updated: March 24, 2023 | 15:27
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