Rose's 2024 bucket list offers clues about Blackpink's future path

Tanushree Debbarma
Tanushree DebbarmaNov 21, 2023 | 15:41

Rose's 2024 bucket list offers clues about Blackpink's future path

Blackpink Rosé with her three-year-old dog Hank. Photo credit: Instagram/@roses_are_rosie

Rosé, a prominent member of the K-Pop girl band Blackpink, revealed her 2024 bucket list in a recent interview with W Korea, offering a glimpse into her future plans. The interview not only unveiled Rosé's personal aspirations but also stirred curiosity about the trajectory of Blackpink as a group.

Rose's interview

  • W Korea's official YouTube channel aired Rosé's interview on November 20.
  • This marks Rosé's second feature of her dog Hank in a W Korea interview.

The interview was titled a "Puzzle interview," where Rosé answered questions, each response revealing a piece of a puzzle.

While Rosé made numerous revelations during the interview, a focal point was her 2024 bucket list and future aspirations.

Looking ahead to 2024: Bucket list and future plans

Rosé's bucket list comprises:

  • Hosting fan meetings
  • Signing autographs
  • Releasing more music
  • Embarking on a memorable trip with her dog Hank

Her goals amalgamate professional and personal aspirations. As Blackpink fans await news of the band's contract renewal, pondering whether they will continue as a group or pursue solo endeavors, Rosé's outlined plans hint at various potential directions.

Latest Blackpink updates

As per a report from a Korean daily newspaper Mulhwa Ilbo, BLACKPINK members have agreed to group unit activities, with two members having concluded their contract signing.

The group will persist under the management of YG Entertainment.

An official statement from YG Entertainment is anticipated following the completion of all members' contract signings.

Photo credit- Twitter/@BLACKPINK

Discussions revolve around solo activities and individual contracts, currently undergoing negotiations between each member and the company.

Rosé's future plans suggest a blend of personal and professional pursuits, indicating a likelihood that members will venture into solo music careers and connect with fans individually. However, until an official update from YG, Blackpink's status as a group remains uncertain.


Key interview revelations about Rosé

  • Rosé currently has a fondness for spicy crab and enjoys spicy and salty foods, striving for diet control despite her busy schedule, emphasizing the importance of eating healthily.
  • She expressed her desire to revisit Blackpink's inaugural Coachella performance, considering it an unforgettable stage experience.
  • Alongside her passion for music, Rosé also disclosed her love for painting and highlighted the strong bond among Blackpink members.
  • Rosé eagerly anticipates engaging with fans on various topics, aiming to establish a personal connection, highlighting her commitment to ensuring people feel comfortable, particularly in larger gatherings.

The interview illuminated Rosé's current inclinations and hinted at exciting prospects for the upcoming year. It serves as a reminder that Blackpink members are exploring individual pursuits amid their collective journey.

Last updated: November 21, 2023 | 15:41
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