Andhra police received a serious complaint from a young boy. What happened next

Akshata Kamath
Akshata KamathNov 26, 2021 | 18:27

Andhra police received a serious complaint from a young boy. What happened next

The Andhra Pradesh police is stoked. They just stopped another case from being filed. A case that would have put a young boy in jail and made his life miserable.

And that's not an easy job. Especially when the complainant is a brave and persistent little kid who has been wronged by his friend!


Young children are the epitomy of innocence and fight for the truth, no matter what. But they are also understanding. 

In a funny incident that happened in Andhra Pradesh, a group of young school children approached the Peda Kaduburu police station in Kurnool district to right a wrong. They wanted to lodge a complaint against their classmate. Why? Because the accused young classmate had taken his pencil. 

The classmate (in a green shirt) had been stealing pencil nibs from him for days and now the poor victim wanted to file a police complaint.



Obviously since the police cannot take sides, they listened to him patiently. 


When the victim insisted on filing a case, the police explained the long-term consequences of doing such an act. The police implored the kid to rethink his decision: if he really wanted to file a case, the accused would definitely be jailed. But jail would make his life really difficult.

Photo: TwitterThe victim kid on the left wants to take down the accused on the right. Photo: Twitter. 

As the police tried to strike a compromise between both parties, the other children enjoyed the show and burst into laughter. 

The police requested them to shake hands and sort the matter out and assured the victim to let the matter go. But the victim being the poor victim, would not budge and insisted on filing a complaint (and even calling his parents). 

Finally, after a lot of convincing and assurance, the kid agreed to let the matter go.

Obviously, the Andhra Pradesh Police were stoked. They had stopped a serious case and took to Twitter to share their thoughts: 


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Last updated: November 26, 2021 | 18:27
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