Arvind Kejriwal's Slapgate: A timeline of all the vicious attacks that the Delhi CM has braved over the years

How does a man with chilli powder and ink get past a CM's security? Or what can you do when someone from your own convoy attacks you? Here's a few helpful suggestions.

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It’s on, guys.The national Sympathize-With-Arvind-Kejriwal-Fest is on because he got slapped (again) and this time, it was as cringeworthy as before.

Let’s face it, seeing Arvind Kejriwal getting slapped (and the hilarious remixes that follow) brings out the worst in us netizens.

A tongue-in-cheek remix of Kejriwal getting slapped

The sadistic, voyeuristic pleasure that we get out of watching the slap on loop remains unparalleled.

But we also can’t help but wonder why do we never hear of incidents of other politicians (of the same stature as Kejriwal) getting slapped as often?

Also, why do these incidents so frequently occur around elections?

Kejriwal hit by a man in Delhi's Moti Nagar on 4th May, 2019.

Needless to say, this slap, much like all the other slaps, is being politicized more than ever, with AAP calling the culprit a ‘Modi-Bhakt’and the BJP accusing AAP of orchestrating the attack to get sympathy. But before we get into the latest slapgate, here’s a timeline of all the vicious attacks that Kejriwal has faced over the years:

2014 Lok Sabha Elections: Kejriwal was campaigning for the Varanasi constituency and that was when some people started throwing eggs and black ink at him. What’s interesting to note here is that the party workers, much like other incidents, were in an open vehicle when this happened.

The same year, an Anna Hazare supporter climbed on top of Kejriwal’s vehicle and hit his neck.

Frankly, if I were Delhi CM, I’d already beef up the security around me — but it looks like Kejriwal hadn’t learnt the lesson, which brings us to:

April 8, 2014: When Arvind Kejriwal was slapped by an autorickshaw driver in the Sultanpuri area of Delhi. The auto-wallah, however, atoned for his sins and apologized fervently to Kejriwal when he met him.

Shoes, ink and slaps, just when we thought we'd seen it all, in came...

February 2016 When Kejriwal’s car was attacked with iron rods and sticks in Ludhiana, Punjab.

A month before, a member of the Aam Aadmi Party had thrown ink on Kejriwal. They say, at times, it’s the one who are closest to you that hurt you the most. I am sure Kejriwal would agree. In a first, an Aam Aadmi Party member attacked Kejriwal. But, as they say, there’s always a second time.

April 2016: Arvind Kejriwal was announcing Phase 2 of the Odd-Even scheme. That was when a member of Aam Aadmi Sena, reportedly a Mr Ved Prakash, threw a shoe at Kejriwal:

Flying Footwear: A Mr Prakash throws a shoe at Kejriwal during a press conference

November 2018: This attack was, perhaps, the worst of all. A man stooped down to touch Arvind Kejriwal’s feet and just as he got up, he smeared chilli powder on his face! This incident was particularly shocking because it took place in the Delhi Secretariat.

Fast forward to May 2019 a man in Delhi’s Moti Nagar slaps Kejriwal yet again.

One can’t help but wonder: why hasn’t Kejriwal given up on jeeps and open vehicles, already? If I were him, I’d probably go for closed vehicles for campaigning, or at least get a truck as high as the one Modi used for his Varanasi roadshow, so no one could even think of climbing up.

modi690_050519125910.jpgVehicle ho to aisa! Narendra Modi during Varanasi rally. (Source: PTI)

Also, why doesn’t he beef up the security around him, so he wouldn’t have to cut a pathetic figure before Delhiites? But we have to give him credit where it’s due too this time, Kejriwal’s convoy was secured by police and the man who attacked him was reportedly one of AAP’s own volunteers.

So, the question remains  what else can Arvind Kejriwal do to avoid getting assaulted next time?

He can take all the security measures he wants, but as long as the people close to him turn on him, there’s always the risk of a slap or footwear coming his way.

So, Mr. Kejriwal, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. Then maybe, just maybe, you won't get assaulted again. Heaven knows you've had enough!

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