Yes Boss: Five compelling reasons why we should all watch Bigg Boss

DailyTripSep 14, 2018 | 14:19

Yes Boss: Five compelling reasons why we should all watch Bigg Boss

You live only once, but Bigg Boss comes every year

Apart from the friends we keep, we are being judged also by the books we read, the shows we watch. But that should not deter any Indian (NRIs too) from watching Bigg Boss on television. The world is a judgmental place anyway.

You get to see more of Salman Khan, acting

You are allowed to tear up a little, but now we don’t have any Salman movie to look forward to, apart from Zero, which is an SRK movie. So Bigg Boss is our last resort.

Also, those who whine that they have got bored seeing Salman Khan in the same kind of roles, and that he can’t act — please stop this nonsense and watch Bigg Boss.

The actor, after so many years of hosting this show, sits so smug in the role that it seems he has written all his dialogues.

You will start loving your office

If you are a bully, or get bullied at your workplace, more the reason to see Bigg Boss. Either you will get more ideas, or you will stop feeling bad about yourself.

If you feel claustrophobic, hate doing what you are doing right now for money, feel like everyone around you is changing their colours, watch an episode of Bigg Boss.

If you have never watched (quite impossible) any episode of this much-hyped reality show, you won’t believe people can actually lock them up with strangers in an undisclosed location, for money.

Remember, you pay for television also

Netflix and chill is cool and all. But remember, you are paying for your television connection too, and you rarely switch it on. And whenever you switch it on, you get hooked to news channel debates. You need to unwind, and also put your money to some good use.

YOLO: This comes only once a year

Be it a blessing or a curse — Bigg Boss comes once in a year. It is trendy to love to hate Bigg Boss, but that doesn’t take away the cake the background team deserves for its yearlong effort to carefully pick up the contestants (they call them housemates), keep their back-ups ready (as many people decline these lucrative offers), plan surprise elements, and the list is endless.

Seeing is believing

Whoever enters the cage (read Bigg Boss house) emerges as a lion, even if he/she gets evicted on day one.

On condition of offering plenty of insights on what actually is happening inside the house, who is what and how the narrative would be built around one or two particular characters, who are destined to reach the finale, these short-lived contestants will grab much space in the media for at least three months — as long as the show is on.

You will believe it only when you see it.

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