Bye-bye police force, Bassi. Hello BJP?

Mandeep Singh
Mandeep SinghFeb 29, 2016 | 20:52

Bye-bye police force, Bassi. Hello BJP?

It's all over. Well, almost.

Just a few hours left for BS Bassi as head of the Delhi Police and he has already received a parting kick from the Delhi Court, which gave him a stern lesson in the law and the Constitution on the "JNU sedition" case.

This was expected, wasn't it?

In his last few weeks as the national capital's top cop, Bassi made no qualms about which side he was on.


His bitter relationship with Arvind Kejriwal notwithstanding, it was always obvious he was out to please his political bosses at the Centre.

And that's been proved again and again over the last couple of weeks when he has not had one straight answer to media queries on the JNU case.

One moment, the police had "evidence" against Kanhaiya Kumar. Another time, it said "we have no evidence to show he shouted anti-national slogans". And yet another moment it decided, "we will not oppose his bail plea", to later say, "the case against Kanhaiya is sub-judice".

What was he trying to show? He either came across as a moron, not knowing what he was saying, or as extremely stupid, not realising the implications of his utterances in a court of law. But, of course, he thought he was brilliant and a performer par excellence and had succeeded in painting a picture of him being an upright, no-nonsense police officer.

And all this because his boss, the home minister, declared "anti-nationals at the JNU" would be dealt with sternly. Until then, he did not even have a clue to what was going on at one of India's most prestigious educational institutions.


And what happened since is there for everyone to see.

And, yes, one last note! Are we, as tomorrow dawns, going to see the "Bassi Joins BJP" announcement? I will not be surprised if we do. After all, one TV channel even announced him as "BJP Neta" during an interview a couple of days ago!

Freudian slip or super sleuthing?

Last updated: February 29, 2016 | 20:52
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