Can someone teach Modi a few terms before Obama arrives?

Vikram Kilpady
Vikram KilpadyJan 24, 2015 | 14:55

Can someone teach Modi a few terms before Obama arrives?

The elderly in the family spout the most clichéd idioms at young children. Most of it is irritating but harmless stuff. To ensure peace in the house, the pearls of wisdom used repeatedly was that empty vessels make the most noise. It is extremely difficult for children to keep quiet when a million thoughts are fighting each other for a vent. But after the last Lok Sabha elections, one can say that politicians make the most noise. Be it Rahul Gandhi or Prime Minister Narendra Modi or other famous cases like Beni Prasad Verma, veteran socialist and all that but he's slipped down too many banana skins.


This brings us to PM Modi. At a much publicised event on Teachers' Day, a young child wanted to ask about climate change and what the government would do to combat it. Pat came the reply, there's no climate change. The PM said as people grow older, they happen to feel that everything has gone wrong. Sometimes it is too hot, sometimes it is too cold. Nothing to worry, the prime minister assured the questioner. All silence. The newsroom fell quiet.

Next up, he was lashing out at mic maestro aka MufflerMan Arvind Kejriwal. Referring to the latter's 49-day government and Occupy the Sidewalk moves, Modi said people who are anarchists should go join the Naxals, who were incidentally rated the most serious internal threat to security by Modi's predecessor.

Maybe the PM should have asked his colleagues in the RSS about ideologies before equating anarchy, the Aam Aadmi Party and the ultra-Left militants who will not accept democratic process, seek to overthrow the Indian state by gun and will kill government employees and police without any reason.

Occupy Wall Street is an anarchist but a seriously democratic movement. It aims to give power to the people against the state, which controlled by corporations following the financial meltdown in the US, chose to bail the very banks that led to the collapse.


AAP believes in the rule of law and is not as disruptive. To call Kejriwal anarchist is absurd. Equating him, the anarchist (who basically cannot suffer the State/monarchy and is constantly plotting to undermine it, google Bakunin) and the CPI (Maoist) guerrilla shows ignorance.

US President Barack Obama met Modi when the latter visited the US in 2014. That was a hurried visit. But when Obama is here, the PM will be spending more time with him. Let's hope Modi asks his advisers for what some words mean instead of using them loosely with the US Head of State. The semantics in a political discourse, if not properly understood, may just end up as the elderly warn young kids: empty vessels make the most noise. India's prime minister should heed the warning of the elderly, some of whom are part of his party's margdarshak mandal.

There's very little time to cram Ideology 101 before Barack lands.

Last updated: January 24, 2015 | 14:55
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