What happens when you eat more than six French Fries? You go against a Harvard professor's advice

Count your fries, not blessings!

 |  3-minute read |   06-12-2018
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Every party has to have a party-pooper who has to get back home early.

Just when the party mood for the ensuing Christmas and New Year festivity has started descending on us, Harvard professor Dr Eric Rim has donned the role of a party-pooper perfectly, by saying that one must not eat more than six pieces of French fries (we know you pick up more than six fries at a go and place them together inside your mouth).

Twitter simmered and then deep-fried professor Rim, his qualifications, his right to live in this gluttonous world, etc., etc.

fries_120618025011.jpgSuch stunts are to be performed by experts only. Don't try at home. (Photo: Reuters)

Rim is now upset, feels like a “monster”, and may need a plate of fries (more than six, please) to overcome this phase. We offer our sympathies.

But, on a serious note, what happens when you eat more than six French fries? It’s a stage of no return, full of possibilities — happiness (for many), guilty pleasure (for many as well).

There are various stages:

You will eat 7, 8, 9…

The moment you finish your sixth fry — it’s very unlikely that we will keep count though — you will move on to the seventh, eighth, ninth and then graduate to two-digit numbers with more ease and comfort around every bite.

This does not happen to the homemade slim and soggy potato fries which we eat with roti, poori or rice, because apparently, the store-bought thick, rectangular potato pieces are fried twice to ensure that they are cooked inside out — in the same degree. Then, they are perhaps sprayed with a sugar solution just before being packaged, which creates the caramelised effect.

Choose wisely whom to blame if you can’t just stop at 1, 2, or, for that matter, six.

You may feel instantly happy

happy_120618025105.jpgHappiness starts at the seventh bite perhaps — and stops at Professor Rim. (Photo: Reuters)

Like any other vice, fries do not come alone.

They come with some dips (fat-free, if you wish), or, as a side dish.

If this spectacular platter can’t lead to the secretion of happy hormones, you definitely need medical supervision. In normal cases, your mood will be lifted as you gorge on, uninhibited.

You will be thirsty

thirsty_120618025036.jpgThere are no two ways to quench your thirst after you overdo your fries. (Photo: Reuters)

Some good soul (must have died of hunger and unhappiness!) taught me how to read food labels and not get fooled by zero-fat, zero-cholesterol claims.

One is supposed to check the sugar and salt content of every dish, I was told.

About 100 gms of French fries — the quantity is more than just six fries — contain approximately 210 mg of sodium.

Whether salty food makes us thirsty or not can be a subject of another debate. But oily, fried foods make us thirty, it’s proved.

 And for various social pressures, you may have to drink some aerated drinks to wash it down.

never-alone_120618025139.jpgNever feel alone. There are three of them, if not more. (Photo: Reuters)

You will try baking/air-frying

This step is absolutely optional.

Not many people undergo this. But many do. Falling for ‘baked’ fries (oxymoron though), ‘air-fried’ fries, oil-free fries, sugar-free potatoes are absolutely common. But this mostly ends up at frustration as you won’t get the same taste, if you lick your finger after an hour of having baked potatoes.

It’s a tough journey either way. Six or more.

Our good ol’ potato chips knew all this long ago.

So, they packed exactly six thin pieces of chips in a huge packet of air.  

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