[Image of the day] White man wore a Hindi expletive on his T-shirt and thought it means 'I love you'

Let us hope he never wears this T-shirt on a trip to India.

 |  3-minute read |   02-11-2017
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Wearing foreign words are tricky business. To the stranger's eyes, gibberish can often look and sound beautiful. We have often heard urban legends about Americans, who in their naivety, have got tattoos of Mandarin symbols, thinking they are something beautiful and deep, only turning out to mean ramen.

The "ramen equivalent" of Hindi finally made its way into the world. On October 31, Twitter user @brohsen chanced upon something "beautiful" in Las Vegas at 4am. While taking a walk, he came across a White man donning a white T-shirt. The T-shirt, in all caps proclaimed the word “Bhench*d”.

For people who are unaware of what it means, “bhench*d” is a Hindi expletive commonly heard in north India. Tasteless as it may be, to have that on one's T-shirt, it turns out that the white man in question did not, in fact, know what it meant.

Surprise, surprise.

In his tweet, @brohsen wrote, “[I] asked him if he knew what his shirt meant said his ex got it for him and told him it means I love you and I think that’s beautiful.”

And there you have it. Whoever this person had the good fortune of dating once upon a time, was a sadistic evil mastermind who convinced this poor man that “bhench*d” means “I love you”.

Some Twitter users obviously could not help themselves from cracking a couple of unavoidable Game of Thrones jokes, a show that can be credited for making incest as popular as graphic violence.  

translation_110217065557.jpgPhoto: Screengrab

Things lost in translation always have a funny twist to them. Only recently, the world was collectively facepalmed when it was revealed that the cool green code that keeps flowing in The Matrix and its sequels is not so much of a code, but sushi recipes.

The rain of code was designed by Simon Whitely, who in an interview explained how he came up with it:

“I like to tell everybody that The Matrix’s code is made out of Japanese sushi recipes,” says Whiteley. He scanned the characters from his wife’s Japanese cookbooks. “Without that code, there is no Matrix.”

Let us hope that this man forever cherishes this ultimate trollage, and hope he never wears this T-shirt on a trip to India. If he ever comes.

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