'OK Kanmani' isn't the only thing 'OK Jaanu' destroyed: Badshah's remix of 'Humma Humma' is nauseating

DailyTripDec 16, 2016 | 14:26

'OK Kanmani' isn't the only thing 'OK Jaanu' destroyed: Badshah's remix of 'Humma Humma' is nauseating

2016 is the pizza burn on the roof of the world's mouth. 2016 is the opposite of Batman. 2016 has been the absolute worst. Keeping with the tradition of making everything suck, the year, even at its end, managed to destroy two things– well, at least one thing for sure.

Dharma Productions is soon to be out with a remake of O Kadhal Kanmani, Mani Ratnam’s cult tale of a millennial couple struggling with the idea of relationships in a fast-paced world. For starters, this movie did not need a remake. Especially one, that’s clearly been made to pander to the Hindi-speaking masses. Moreover, the remake is called OK Jaanu. Now, that’s totally unacceptable.

While the abysmal trailer is enough of a turn-off, the movie goes one step ahead and manages to take a gigantic dump on one of AR Rahman’s more popular and beautiful works—Humma Humma from Mani Ratnam's 1995 hit Bombay—by remixing it with a rap bit shoved in between courtesy of Badshah. If you thought that sounds bad, here’s what the song sounds like:

At this point, we need to stop pretending that nothing is sacred anymore. This atrocity of a remix is all that is wrong with the world. Well, no; but is pretty bad. Not only does the remix take away the charm of the song, Badshah’s unnecessary rap makes this song sound like someone remade Bombay, and called it Gurgaon.

Why, oh why? Why would anyone do this? [Photo: Screengrab]

Badshah, India’s resident party boy, is okay at what he does in general. And he, like everyone else, deserves to experiment upon preconceived art. But this is an experiment that makes Frankenstein’s monster look like Wall-E. The only thing that remained to be done, in this obvious massacre of the song, is to have added the words “kudi”, “short skirt”, “parrrty”, “high heels”, “vodka” or “DJ” to it.

Thankfully, everyone in this country, who has heard this new remix, agrees with the fact that this is a travesty of epic proportions.

Devang Patel made a parody of Humma Humma (called Chashma Chashma) back in the day. Even that parody song makes this version looks like trash that has been lying on the road for 3 weeks. Next time, if we are trying to ruin fond memories of people’s childhood, let’s just stick to finding sexual innuendoes in kid’s movies. That, at least, is funny. 

Last updated: December 16, 2016 | 14:26
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