Imran Khan's Shaadi Business: Pakistan's desperate times truly need desperate measures!

Deepansh Duggal
Deepansh DuggalAug 06, 2019 | 12:00

Imran Khan's Shaadi Business: Pakistan's desperate times truly need desperate measures!

Imran Khan had promised to turn Pakistan's PM House into a university. It's now a wedding venue. What explains this?

Pakistan is going through a really difficult time, y’all.

Their economy is struggling — and it looks like Pakistani PM Imran Khan has been hit the hardest.

Just recently, Imran Khan visited America, to beg ask for financial aid and even met US President Donald Trump for the same. That Imran Khan and his government are going through a severe cash crunch was pretty evident because the man had to take a cheap commercial flight to the US.

That's right — no PIA state aircraft even.

Now, if reports are to be believed, a desperate Imran Khan has apparently started renting out his house for weddings.

Yes, you read that right.

Don’t believe me? Have a look at this wedding invite.

card_080519060331.jpg Desperate times, desperate measures: Imran Khan’s PM house, now open for functions. (Photo: India Today)

For the uninitiated, Imran Khan had promised in his election manifesto that he was going to turn his house into a university — which makes this move all the more surprising. Of course, people online were quick to call out Khan for the same.

But honestly, as a millennial who struggles to make ends meet, I relate with Imran Khan a little. I mean, we all know what it’s like to run out of cash at the end of the month. It wouldn’t hurt Imran Khan to make that extra dough during the end of the month by renting out his house or garden now, would it?

What’s more, with a little thought, Imran Khan can give wedding planners in Pakistan a run for their money. If he rents out his house at a certain amount, he can also agree to perform at the wedding and do a dance number for a little bit more. For double the amount, he can agree to make a guest appearance, sit down, have a cold drink... oh, wait! That’s probably just what he did!

imran690_080519060310.jpg Dinner is served: Imran Khan made a surprise appearance at the wedding — and probably had dinner too. (Photo: India Today)

So, while it might seem like Imran Khan gatecrashed the wedding at his own house as he was seen sitting awkwardly with the dulha, dulhan and family, we now know what might have actually happened.

And it's really win-win for all. I mean, if I was running short of money and had rented my house out for a wedding, I would also save money on dinner by simply taking some food from the wedding. Who knows if Imran had the same thing on his mind?

But there are a lot of burning questions on my mind — was Imran Khan present throughout the wedding? If yes, did he greet all the guests present there? Did he help hold the gifts? Did he offer to drive the groom back home? Did he open the door to welcome Brigadier Sahab? Too many questions — hardly any answers.

trump690_080519060257.jpg'I like Imran. He's so easy to patronise'. (Photo: India Today)

Before y’all accuse me of being petty and shallow for making fun of someone’s financial condition, please know that it is the Prime Minister of Pakistan that we are talking about, not an average Pakistani. He is the most powerful man in Pakistan and if he is finding it difficult to keep body and soul together, one can only imagine what the rest of the country is going through.

In 2018, Imran Khan had promised to establish Islamabad Central University at his house.

It’s 2019 and he is reportedly organising shaadis at his house.

Perhaps Imran Khan has finally realised that he could make more money organising functions than working as PM of Pakistan. And have more fun too.

Recently, Article 370 was repealed and we Indians were expecting Imran to be all angry about it. But it looks like the man already has too much to worry about — so, let’s leave him alone and let him plan parties while he still can.

(By the way, Mr Khan, my mom wanted to plan a kitty party in August, you know, thora showy-type ka, and I wanted to ask you — could we rent your house for the same?)

Last updated: August 06, 2019 | 12:00
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