How Imran Khan Chills: Pak Economy collapsing? Prices spiking? Jihadis knocking? No worries!

In a recent press meet, Imran Khan said Pakistan is a rich country. That was probably after he unveiled a fridge with his face on it.

 |  3-minute read |   07-05-2019
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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is a man of many talents. His latest tweet on the death anniversary of Tipu Sultan has absolutely impressed Shashi Tharoor. Our UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath often remembers Imran Khan while delivering invective poll speeches.

But Imran Khan, one of the 100 most influential people of Time 100, also knows how to chill.

Apart from summer, Lahore, Karachi and other cities in Pakistan are facing various kinds of heat.

For example, a massive price hike — Petrol price has been raised by Rs 9.42 and Kerosene price by Rs 7.45 litre. According to a Dawn report, prices of multiple essential items, including meat, ghee, cooking oil, flour, onion, chicken and fruits have significantly spiked during the last few weeks preceding Ramazan.

But PM Imran Khan is truly one who believes in ‘Never say never’.

imran-khan_050719021903.jpgThand Rakhna, via Imran: How Pak PM Imran Khan keeps his cool. (Photo: Twitter)

In a recent press interaction, while he was talking about his new plans for city elections on the lines of London, he said that Pakistan is a rich country! Only the system is broken. He also offered an example. Just a few months ago, he said, a Chinese company set up its unit in Pakistan. A recent visit proved that it has been operating in full swing, employing thousands directly and many more indirectly.

Borrowing from cricket, he also said that no country has as strong a cricket team like that of Pakistan. But the departmental cricket system — in which sponsors have their cricket teams — stymied the natural blooming of talent.

So, like Khan dissolved the practice of 'departmental cricket', he wants direct elections (no laughs, seriously!) to city bodies. In his press conference, he also mentioned Mumbai and Bengaluru as examples of rich cities he wants Pakistan's cities to become like.

On the border front (no, not India-Pakistan), Pakistan and Afghanistan have reportedly started talking — though Pakistani airspace is still not open for Afghan flights. The closure — which was put in place following an escalation in India-Pakistan tension and the Balakot air-strike by India — has been only partially lifted and will continue to function like this till May 15. Even Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) suffered a huge loss initially when even domestic routes were also closed.

But all this hasn't perturbed the calm of Imran Khan.

He has appointed an IMF economist as the governor of Pakistan’s Central Bank, so he knows the IMF bailout package is apparently actually on its way. 

But where is he getting all these ideas of how to chill?

Well, after T-shirts and mugs, the handsome poster boy of 'Naya Pakistan' has got artified — on a fridge.

And guess what — if Twitter is to be believed, he himself went to unveil it.

So, there we are. Imran Khan's coolness de-mystified!

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