Twitter thread on why Indian youth get job interviews wrong is hilariously tragic

No wonder unemployment is on the rise!

 |  4-minute read |   20-07-2017
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“Bosses from hell” is a common trope in the sitcom that is our lives. Almost everyone has a story to tell about that toxic work environment, all thanks to the bosses.

But what about the flip side - how do the canidates fare when they come seeking for jobs?

Ravina Rawal - a writer (DailyO contributor at that), editor and film critic - tells you that story.

In a series of hilarious tweets, she chalks out the kind of horrible candidates she has come across while conducting job interviews. You will have a hard time wrapping your head around just how bad some of these candidates were. From shabby, unprofessional, creepy, to downright inappropriate, she’s seen them all.

You’re supposed to be candid during your interview but this one really takes it to a new level.

Talk about getting comfortable with your probably-not-future-employer.


Why would anyone do this?

That’s a very valid question.

No wonder unemployment is on the rise!

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