First Modi, now Kalam. Venkaiah Naidu, stop with the acronyms

NDA's vice presidential candidate loves his acronyms.

 |  2-minute read |   27-07-2017
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NDA's Vice Presidential candidate and former Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu loves his acronyms. Quite like eleven-year-old schoolchildren, nothing brings a smile on Naidu’s face like successfully creating an “amazing” acronym out of somebody’s name. He’s done it for Prime Minister Narendra Modi - Maker of Developed India. And this time, while speaking at an event on late President APJ Abdul Kalam's second death anniversary, he could not resist showing off his enthusiasm for acronyms.

So now, “APJAK” - Kalam's initials - stand for “Anything is Possible with Just Attitude and Karma".

*slow claps*

Even though his antics have become regular thoroughfare, the incorrigible Naidu’s antics always manage to get a laugh on social media.

It’s true. It has become increasingly difficult to distinguish him from his parody Twitter account: Venkronym Naidu.

He has his own acronym now.

But really, he should

And really, if is to become the next VP of India,

Naidu’s portfolio of awe-inspiring acronyms includes EVM (Every Vote Modi), CITY (Civic Infrastructure to You) and YOUNG (You Owe U and Nation Greatness). Seriously, this is a serious contender for the vice-presidential seat.

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