How Zuckerberg became a sanghi, thanks to Modi

Nishant Nayyar
Nishant NayyarSep 28, 2015 | 17:16

How Zuckerberg became a sanghi, thanks to Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Facebook Townhall event turned into quite a f(p)un circus on Twitter. The event drew everyone's attention (except the US media), but on Twitter, the event turned into a rib-tickling, rollicking exhibition!

Everyone had their eyes set on Modi as he came to San Jose, not just to meet the tech honchos of Silicon Valley, but also to revive the lost information technology sentiment that India once boasted off. However, Twitter is a really funny and pun-ny place. Anti-Bhakts, trolls, haters and all those who weren't brigading the "Modi, Modi" slogan had a different agenda this time round. For once though, it involved truth-telling about the shameless lobbying about internet.org and the Facebook-ification of #DigitalIndia. It all started with this one:


Seems like no one, no matter how influential in stature or wealth, is spared in the Twitterverse. If Mr Zuckerberg hasn't laughed at this already, then here's hoping that this article should reach him in time. And then, there was an army of trolls who went full throttle ahead to showcase how Modi's ingrained RSS ideology might influence Facebook. This gentleman went all out to show how Facebook might be saffronised. Well, we hope not...

I'm sure this must have been Modi's most absurd but true query, amidst the bigger hullabaloo over the #DigitalIndia campaign.

And then this...

While, everyone was rolling on the floor, taking digs at the Townhall event, one would have wondered about the absence of Congress from all the fun. And then came the unsung hero, the loudspeaker, the master pun-ner from Congress' stable. So even if Congress' boat sinks in the near future, we all know that Mr Jha can easily find a place in Comedy Circus.


But Twitter can't forget its favourite son, Arvind Kejriwal, and he was dragged in "Modi Mani" once again.BURN.

And a few didn't restrain themselves from pointing out Modi's "inane agenda" for the upcoming #BiharElections.

And just in case #NaMO doesn't make it back with a big bang in the 2019 general election, he's got his visa sorted.

Even PM Modi's Pakistani counterpart wasn't spared. And I'm sure this photo caption puts the final nail in the coffin, real hard!

But there were few who really made sense.

Yes, Mark you've got to get your priorities right...

So we will get free internet for all. But what about Kashmir? Didn't Modi and his allies ban internet there, like yesterday?!?! Mr Omar Abdullah certainly has issues with this.


And the final icing on the cake to support #DigitalIndia. This one comes straight from the heart...

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