Modi supporter does U-turn after resignation drama goes kaput

It is hard to be a hard-line Hindutva bigot as Modi himself condemned bigotry at a Christian function.

 |  BREAKING NEWS INTO PIECES  |  3-minute read |   18-02-2015
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Akshay Gusain, a diehard Modi supporter, has changed his plans to resign from being a Modi supporter, after he realised that the position of a Modi supporter is not one that he can resign from. He simply said, "Modi pagal ho gaya hai," and decided not to quit. He is looking for a justification currently. He is shocked that he was never appointed as a Modi supporter in the first place, and that nobody from the party consulted anybody before Prime Minister Modi announced that he believed in secular principles.

It is critical to note that Modi has never said he did not believe in secular principles. His supporters believed he said so, and so, have now got the shock of their lives. "When he said that the Constitution is the only book India should believe in, I thought it was a jumla. When elections knock, politicians say things. But there is no election campaign going on right now, and what he said seems to be his truth," he said, as tears rolled down, spoiling the lotus painted on his left cheek.

Before elections, he had famously warned some of the boys he did not like. "Let Modi come to power, we are going to teach you all a lesson," he is rumoured to have said to a group of people. He however had no lessons ready even after Modi came to power, because not much had changed on the ground. But he kept his faith. "Everything takes time, I believed," he said. The group he jeered at has not snickered at him since, but he feels he stands discredited in front of them.

 "I liked the Hindu Hriday Samrat," Akshay said, "When he refused to utter a word even as churches came under minor attacks in Delhi. Obama lectured him, but he kept our faith in him intact. Here was a man with resolve. He survived the media glare for 12 long years in Gujarat. In Delhi, it's not even been a year, and he's showing signs of secular sickness," he said, before adding, "But I understand there's a limit to standing power. He has become sickular. It is not his fault. It is either the chair or the 7, Race Course Road residence. It plays with people's minds," he told his friend, an AAPian, Tipu Burnwal, who has just begun to be disappointed in Arvind Kejriwal.

Gusain is not alone. Many riot-wing activists were disappointed after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that his government will not tolerate intolerance towards any religion. "He first speaks at a Christian function; praises their Lord and saints. How are we supposed to face the three Christians whom we forced to do ghar wapsi?" he said. As Burnwal offered him Burnol to soothe his burnt heart.

When told that Modi treated all religions as equal and that he should follow his leader like he did in the past, he said, "My iPhone autocorrects Gusain to Husain every single time, and I am sure Modi is right, but does that make Gusain and Husain the same?"

"The way he is going, he would say that the puppy wasn't run over by his car. That will seriously shrink my chest size," he muttered, as he cried on the shoulders of Burnwal. When asked what he was peeved about, Burnwal said, "It's been three days, and I do not have free Wi-Fi on my phone yet."  

"Yahan meri duniya ujad gayi hai, aur issey free Wi-Fi ki padi hai."


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