PM Modi sent emails in 1988: The internet rocks again!

But nasty nay-sayers, please note, Modi hai, toh mumkin hai!

 |  4-minute read |   13-05-2019
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Even as the sixth phase of Lok Sabha polling was in full swing yesterday, the Internet just couldn’t get enough of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cloud and radar theory.

For the uninitiated, in a television interview, PM Modi revealed his master strategy behind the Balakot airstrike. And it went something like how cloud cover could maybe be advantageous to our Air Force, as they might go undetected under the radar.

No, clouds cannot protect planes from being detected.

Yes, radars are mostly more advanced than your Tata Sky connection — even Pakistani ones.

Yes, Twitter ripped the statement apart.

Most, however, stopped listening beyond this point. We don’t blame them.

But then, another portion from the same clip resurfaced — this time, with Modiji talking about emails way back in 1987-88.

PM Modi, whilst sharing an anecdote about LK Advani — that itself is oh-so-interesting — claimed that back in 1988, he had clicked a coloured photograph of the BJP leader on a digital camera — that he owned — and emailed it to Delhi, which then was printed in colour as a cover photo.

Needless to say, that makes Modiji one of the first people in India to use a digital camera.

Or emails for that matter.

Fact-checkers on Twitter immediately corrected Modiji.

Most fact-checkers were not merciful, however.

So not merciful.

But that does beg the question many are asking: If Modiji once used a lota and coals to iron his clothes, how come he had the money to buy a digi cam?

He reportedly didn’t own a batwa because he had no money. Maybe he paid for the digi cam using his debit card?

Of course, it is perfectly possible that he just got carried away.

Some critics wished him well, “Get well soon, Modiji!”

But then, Modi hai, toh mumkin hai, right?

All jokes aside, one thing is clear: Modiji’s ‘tryst’ with technology is as shaky as Nehruji’s tryst with dynasty... errr... destiny!

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