Dear Pakistan, don’t watch Indian content. But do watch some ‘bed scenes’ please!

Indian content aside, Pakistani TV serials are apparently too fixated on 'feminism', 'intimate moments' and 'bed scenes'. Well, congratulations from across the border!

 |  3-minute read |   11-01-2019
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Yes, sometimes we too hate shape-shifting serpents slithering on the screen of our television sets, or a hero living life king-size in his third reincarnation!

So, Pakistan not wanting to see Indian television content is kind of understandable.

But can anyone please explain to us in all good humour just what ‘feminist content’ is?

guideline_011119030906.jpgRead it to believe it. (Photo: Twitter)

According to reports, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued a warning this week, asking all channels to respect the existing media guidelines and refrain from airing content that does not depict a “picture of true Pakistani society”.

The regulatory body has, apparently, received a number of complaints.

So, what’s the issue?

Hear it from PEMRA:

Majority of the scripts revolve around women, having same story pick, plot of purpose. These dramas depict hackneyed image of women and have confined themselves to feminist issues only, therefore, ignoring children, teenagers, and men. The script writers are confined to saas bahu vendetta, extra-marital affairs, divorce and infidelity.

Well, so here’s what we learn:

1F5F5Feminism is apparently a 'hackneyed' idea in Pakistan

1F5F5Pakistani men want to be represented in serials (Haven’t men always hated women for watching television serials?) — But not through extra-marital affairs, divorce and infidelity. Because if these are the core issues of Pakistani soaps, we are sure there is enough representation of men.

1F5F5Pakistani children and teenagers watch television soaps. So, they want their issues to be highlighted as well.

1F5F5Intimate moments between couples should not be glorified — because that’s not a reflection of "true Pakistani society".

Here’s a reality check.

collage-pakistan-ins_011119031355.jpgToo bold to handle! (Photo: Posters of Baaghi and Khudgarz)

In 2017, Baaghi became one of the most watched and discussed television serials of Pakistan. It was a biographical series based on Qandeel Baloch, who was murdered by her brother in the name of honour in 2017. Saba Qamar essayed the role of Qandeel.

But apparently, such boldness is not what the Pakistani audience is up for, according to PEMRA, which has already prohibited Discovery’s Naked and Afraid, an American reality series chronicling the lives of two contestants (one man, one woman) who meet for the first time and are given the task of surviving in wilderness naked for 21 days.

agar-tum-sath-ho_011119031435.jpgHow shocking! A bed! Values are crushed! (Scene from Agar Tum Saath Ho: Courtesy Dawn)

So, what does the Pakistani audience prefer?

Though PEMRA has also warned morning shows to watch their content, which mostly deals with "matrimonial issues, wedding, dances, fashion, personal life", it didn't mention much explicitly.

Well, we will tell you what PEMRA thinks Pakistani audiences love to watch.

They are comfortable being taught a tutorial on how to brighten the face of an apparently 'dark' bride. For this, a Pakistani model will appear with Blackface — a makeup form to look darker — generously applied on her face! 

As far as Indian content is concerned, it is a judicial matter which ensued in 2016, following the Uri attack, after which Pakistani artists were banned from performing in India. And as PEMRA instructed, we are not touching judicial issues, even from across the border.

But the next time you see a bed on a Pakistani television serial, just don't stretch your imagination much! 

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