10 things you didn't know about Radhe Maa's leela

Damayanti Datta
Damayanti DattaAug 21, 2015 | 09:03

10 things you didn't know about Radhe Maa's leela

1. The pravachan: Who doesn't know that Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa hardly ever opens her mouth in public - a signature style that got tongues wagging that she doesn't have much to say? But, rest assured, it's not true. Her devotees swear that her favourite spiritual discourse is: "Bhakti karo".

2. Footprint: Inside the palatial mansion at Walkeshwar Road in Mumbai, where she is residing now, there's no rangoli, alpana or swastika. What gives the place Radhe Maa's cosmic stamp of individuality is the blood red imprint of her feet on the marble floor, preserved with care, encased in glass and decorated with flowers.


3. Mini trishul: She uses the foot-long metal mini-trishul - yes, the one that created an uproar when she took it on-board a flight recently - to bless as well as to curse. She, apparently, uses it to surreptitiously comb her billowing hair during public events, say her detractors.

4. Every Tuesday: The day dedicated to goddesses Durga is also her favourite day, point out devotees. According to some, she does special pujas on this day and becomes "most powerful". Ignore "Maa ka aadesh" on that day at your peril.

5. Black Jaguar: Her vaahan is a black Jaguar with bright red wheels. No, it's not registered in her name and is allegedly a gift from a bhakt. Unfortunately, it hit the headlines for being registered on a fake address.

6. Simply red: In Bible, red is the colour of sin. The Upanishads say, red is for rajaas - worldliness, passion, desire, ambition and action. According to new-age spiritual gurus, red signifies materialism. We don't know what exactly Mataji thinks of red, but it's her favourite colour: from her walls, the lighting in her boudoir, the fabric used on her diamond-studded bed to her lehengas, jewellery and makeup - it's red for Radhe Maa.


7. Divine prasad: Can be anything she blesses anyone with: money, clothes to gold. But, often, it's something - say, a peda, that she puts in her mouth and then spits out on an outstretched palm. That's the most potent blessing to her devotees.

8. Gudiya Maa: Why is India obsessing over Mataji? It's, apparently, the child-like mood in her "devi incarnation" that's being misunderstood. Her followers treat her like a baby doll, lifting her up and rocking her in their arms like a child. Senior devotees routinely call her "Gudiya Devi Maa".

9. Star spangled: It's star power all the way for Mamtamai. For all her events, celebs are routinely called. And they become part of event advertising. People come as much for the stars as for Radhe Maa, say non-believers. No wonder, Mumbai - the city where celebrities come dime a dozen - has been the chosen spot for the play of divine "leela".

10. The sevadars: Want access to Maa? Contact "Chhoti Maa" or "Talli Baba" - the two key aides mentioned on her official website. Talli Baba is the first person to screen candidates wishing to contact Maa while Chhoti Maa is the final authority. The latter, allegedly, has been given "divine powers" while Talli Baba is the man of all reasons: events to spiritual.

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