Questions ED officials can ask Robert Vadra

DailyTripFeb 22, 2019 | 15:11

Questions ED officials can ask Robert Vadra

In an alternate universe, Robert Vadra could give the ED answers on fitness, style and fashion. They need it. He knows it.

Those who slammed Priyanka Gandhi for dropping husband Robert Vadra off at the ED office where he is often summoned for questioning, hold my dumbbell.

This is not essentially an exercise of clout, as you may be seeing it. There can be another side to this story.

This can be just a way to keep Priyanka on her toes — fit and fine — ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections.


Where did you buy the glasses from? (Photo: Twitter)

As we have discovered lately, Robert Vadra almost sounds like that obsessive gym instructor who has a gnawing suspicion in mind that you are not breathing properly. (Your belly button is not touching the spine as you breathe out). 


On chat shows, celebrities are often asked one question: If not this profession, what else?

Robert Vadra will never be asked this question. Not because he is not a celebrity, but because it is written everywhere — on his posture, on his leather jacket, on his belt, on his social media posts. He is a fitness and fashion enthusiast — so much so that his visits to ED offices, which are very frequent, now seem apparently enjoyable as he can share a tip or two on fitness with the probing officials.

No matter how much our cops exercise in the morning, Bollywood will find a pot-bellied person to essay the role of a Mumbai cop. Nothing can be done about that — unless they summon Robert Vadra for questioning.


When did you exercise? You were with us all day... (Photo: Twitter)

Robert Vadra leads a colourful life, we are sure. There is variety in his wardrobe as well as in the cases he is facing now. There is one land scam case for the questioning of which he has to be present in Bikaner. Then there is another one of a money-laundering one in Delhi. 

These sessions stretch for hours — eight, nine hours minimum. One may wonder what these long sessions yield; how much the cases have progressed. But this tweet makes it clear: apart from answers pertaining to the cases concerned, Robert Vadra might well answer a few lifestyle queries like — where did you buy these jackets from, etc. 

As we wonder when Robert hits the gym on days he faces questioning for eight-nine hours (which are so often), we get to know that on February 20, he was questioned for only three hours as he said he was not feeling well.

Now, that's a reason for great concern for fitness enthusiasts like us.

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