50 Degrees! Why Robert Vadra vs Smriti Irani's social media fight is only hotting up Amethi some more!

DailyBiteMay 06, 2019 | 18:45

50 Degrees! Why Robert Vadra vs Smriti Irani's social media fight is only hotting up Amethi some more!

Stung by Smriti Irani's purported jibe at him, Robert Vadra has hit back, apparently questioning the minister's educational degrees. Mr Vadra, it is reported, is high-school educated himself.

Now, everyone has come to know that the party which gets the coldest feet first will cry hoarse about 'EVM malfunctioning'.

Interestingly, the fifth phase of polling today didn’t see too much of 'Bad-EVM' woes though. But there were bitter personal attacks, which have put us in a fix about deciding who is more insecure than whom!

Of course, the eye of the storm is Amethi — witnessing a Goliath versus Goliath battle this time.

The newest controversy has to do with Robert Vadra as he has questioned Smriti Irani’s educational qualifications in a social media post. This is a simple case of a pot calling a kettle black. Smriti Irani has confused us with her unfinished BA/B.Com. Robert Vadra is reportedly only high school-educated himself — but Vadra is not a minister (yet) and he has not embroidered any facts about his degree (yet). That's the only saving grace!

amethi1-inside_050619051506.jpgTwo contestants — but too many contenders! (Photo: DailyO)

This to-and-fro game of insults has been going on for quite some time though. Since Rahul Gandhi, Amethi MP, is busy campaigning across the country, his home turf has actually become 'home turf' as Priyanka Gandhi, Robert Vadra and their son and daughter are seen frequently in Amethi now.

“If Robert Vadra goes to campaign for Congress, please warn the people living there that they must protect their lands. Because a very famous person with his eye on lands is coming,” Smriti Irani had earlier reportedly commented on Robert Vadra campaigning for the Congress in Amethi.

Now, this Amethi tug-of-war is not new, but it has only become more heady this time, slightly like fine wine.

In 2014, when Priyanka Gandhi was asked to comment on Smriti Irani's jibe at Rahul, Priyanka said, ‘Who?’, followed by a smile which can be quite fairly interpreted as 'condescending'.

“If you forget scams done by a family member, why would you remember my name?’ Smirti had retorted in 2014.

We can’t believe that after all that, there is a déjà vu moment today when Smriti Irani apparently said, “She did not know my name five years back. Now she keeps taking my name. Such an accomplishment! Nowadays she takes her husband’s name less and my name more.”

Training her guns on Robert Vadra, Smriti also reportedly said that the Congress will only work for Vadra’s development.

This stirred up the hornet’s nest.

Meanwhile, there was that half-video too (the full video shows Priyanka asking them to be good kids) of Priyanka laughing while some children were apparently bad-mouthing PM Modi. 

Clearly, no stones have been left unturned in Amethi. Some for hard campaigning, some for throwing at the other side!

Whoever wins the polls aside, this much is clear. Dark humour — and some desperation — have won out in Amethi.


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