Side effects of Indian Air Force Surgical Strike 2: Pakistan's utter hallucination!

Even as Pakistan claims there was 'no surgical strike,' clearly there was a thud loud enough to have caused some serious damage to their brain cells!

 |  2-minute read |   26-02-2019
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Is it just us or has Pakistan lost it — not that there was much, to begin with!

But going by Pakistan and their Prime Minister Imran Khan's 'reactions' to what we can now call — and with josh — India's Surgical Strike 2, we're actually seriously concerned about our neighbour. 

For starters, Pakistan denies that the surgical strike even took place. Yeah, right. So we just imagined the ten Mirage 2000 aircraft dropping 1,000 kg bombs in Pakistan. 

Pakistan says this was the side effects of Bollywood. "Side Effects of Bollywood Are Hazardous To Indian Media’s Mental Health. Might Induce Hallucinations and Delusions Of Grandeur," read a tweet from — get this — the official Twitter handle of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Apparently, a slew of releases from Uri: The Surgical Strike to Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi has contributed in their little worldview to this 'make belief' attack. 

This, after they themselves reported that India had, in fact, entered their air space! 

So, which one should we believe? 

Funnily, Pakistan's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, in his 'reaction', calls this a "violation of LOC by Indian Air Force." 

But then, the strike didn't even happen, right? 

But, Brutus is an honourable man, right? 

Now, India has ample reason to believe that the surgical strike did, most certainly, take place. Even if Pakistan doesn't want to believe India's 'irresponsible' media, may we add that international media has also started taking note of the operation, with BBC Hindi confirming accounts with the residents of Balakot. 

But Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Pakistan will not budge. If denying the entire operation wasn't silly enough, they then claimed that no bombs landed on Pakistani soil — and the very next moment, we heard them accusing the Indian Air Force of violating the Paris Agreement on climate change because the airstrikes deep inside Pakistan led to some trees being knocked down. 

"Delusion meets denial. Toxic cocktail" writes India Today's Rahul Kanwal.


Now in all this, one thing that is as clear as the sun shining is that air strike or no air strike, there was at least a thud loud enough to have caused some serious damage to Pakistan's brain cells! At least that way, we can justify their hallucinations. 

modi-laughing_022619054320.jpgSurgical Strike 2! (Source: Reuters)

But then, that's just collateral damage. 

And the plotline for Bollywood's next Surgical Strike 2.0 


We're retaining Vicky Kaushal!

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